The longest running sitcom in TV History made its debut on April 19th 1987.  “THE SIMPSONS” were originally just an animated segment of the “Tracy Ulman Show” on FOX.  If you ever watch some of those shorts you will see how crudely they were drawn and how the characters have changed over the years.  

When the Simpsons began I remember there was a backlash because the crude humor and the “UNDER ACHIVER AND PROUD OF IT ‘Bart Simpson.  The catch phrase “Eat my Shorts” got on peoples nerves, including my own sister who would not let her children watch the program. (But then again she wouldn’t let them watch Happy Days either)

I must admit that I didn’t become a big fan of the show until I moved to Utah in 1993.  I was staying with my Sister Sandra and her son Kelly as I looked for work here.  Kelly loved The Simpson’s and had a video tape full of episodes that he would watch when he went to bed.  I don’t think either one of us got a lot of sleep that year because we were laughing at the yellow people with three fingers.

I think the brilliance of the show has to do with the animation so that no one aged, well maybe Grandpa Simpson and Mr. Burns did but who knew.  Also the writers of the show never were shy about creating controversy.  From Homers fight with President Bush to baseball and steroid use and even road rage, the Simpson’s were there making us laugh and even cringe a little at times. 

At 1st Bart was the focus of the show but over the years Homer is more the star.  Who hasn’t said “DOH” when something goes wrong?

I could go on and on about this great show.  No it is not as good as it used to be but are you after 31 years.  I have a metal knee a metal screw in my foot, and more than a few extra pounds on me that say “DOH”.

Just remember this there is a little bit of Homer in all of us yes “I AM SO SMRT”

Here are some great sound bites from THE SIMPSONS.

 Some people don’t think the Simpsons are funny and when it comes to humor we all have different taste.  A new survey asked people what types of HUMOR they find funny

  1. Observations on everyday life, 72%.
  2. Observations on the news, 47%.
  3. Wordplay, 31%.
  4. Controversial or taboo subjects, 30%.
  5. Impressions, 28%.
  6. Sketch comedy, 26%.
  7. Improv, 23%.
  8. Cringe worthy, awkward, and embarrassing situations, 22%.
  9. Toilet humor, 14%. There goes half my show down the toilet!
  10. Nothing.  I find nothing funny.  7%.   (Get a life)


Today on the morning show we proved SOME PEOPLE ARE SCUMBAGS.  I need more stress in my life ….really I do!


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It was April 18th 1938 and a strange visitor from another planet appeared on newsstands everywhere and our lives have never been the same.

Action Comic’s # 1 brought us the story of Superman.  Created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.  Movies about the Man of Steel have grossed more than two and a half billion dollars.

If you happened to come across Action Comics #1 you might be set for life.   In 2014 one sold from three million dollars.

Superman was my 1st super hero.   I used to get up early on Saturday mornings because the George Reeves version of the man from Krypton was on.    I was hooked, tying towels around my neck and making swishing sounds to fly around my yard, I WAS SUPERMAN.

Batman is my favorite hero now and Superman is a close second.  When The Caped Crusader and the Man of Steel team up I am a geek.  World’s Finest, the Justice League put Superman and Batman in the same comic ORor movie and I am one happy man

I have even visited Metropolis! ——-  Metropolis Illinois the home of Superman.  My cousin Randall and I left his sister’s wedding reception to make the round trip.  We figured that no one would miss us.  We were almost right.

On our way the fog started to set in and while crossing the Ohio River Bridge the visibility was almost zero.  Until we saw the Semi truck in our lane of traffic.  Luckily we did not crash or I might not be here today.   But I had to check my pants on the other side of the bridge.

We made it safely to Metropolis and saw the water tower with Superman on it.  Got a copy of the Daily Planet, yeah they had a Daily Planet.  But one thing I really remember were the Stop Signs.  Every stop sign had a Superman cut out on top holding out one hand reminding you to stop.  I would bet those didn’t last long with all the souvenir hunters out there.   NO, I DID NOT GET ONE!

I geeked out when the first Christopher Reeve Superman movie came out and the phrase ‘YOU WILL BELIVE A MAN CAN FLY” is burned in my memory.

Surprisingly enough I liked but did not love the Superman movies.   I saw everyone but there was just something missing to me and one thing that bugged me, Marlon Brando.  He portrayed Joerl El, Still to this day his delivery of lines and his acting looked like he was acting!   However Gene Hackman as Lex Luthor was awesome.  I did see every movie and enjoyed but did not love them.

Today I still enjoy a Superman story. But the romance of Superman and Wonder woman in the comics is well SUPER!

My wife who is an avid reader told me about a man name Brad Meltzer who had written a novel not about Superman but a story that tied in the creators into a spy novel the book is called “BOOK OF LIES” and it is a fun read!

Meltzer also writes children’s books and has written stories for comic books. His 1st GREN ARROW: THE ARCHERS QUEST!  Other comics include, IDENTIY CRISIS, THE JUST LEAUGE OF AMERICA and even BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER!

One of my favorite Mad Magazine parodies was the story of SUPERMAN.  The story started with this “Look up in the sky! It’s a Gooney Bird.  It’s a Jefferson Airplane!  No it’s just Stooperman.   I was really hoping it was a Gooney Bird”.

The SYFY channel has a new show called “Krypton” it is a story about Superman Grandfather Years before the tiny spaceship left the planet.  It is really good

So Happy Birthday Superman and stay from Lois Lane, you are in love with Wonder woman now..

Today on the morning show we talked Disney and The IRS

Stupid News The Big Bang Theory is criticized, and Mayochup is still in the news

: Laff lines is about Facebook


George Carlin was one of my comedy idols growing up.  One of my favorite characters he did was Al Sleet the Hippy Dippy Weather Man.   He would say “If you don’t like the weather move”.   Which I have done over the years and I have seen some strange weather in the process.

Growing up in Memphis TN we didn’t get a lot of snow but we did have our moments. One day I think it was in March I was sitting in a class at school and not paying attention, daydreaming looking out the window and the rain when I saw it a sheet of white heading our way.  A squall line of snow soon hit the school and before it was over we had 18 inches of snow. IN MEMPHIS IN MARCH!

We lived in a portion of what is called “Tornado Alley” and had had plenty of scares with the twisters.   In the 4th grade we were at recess outside in a cloudy day when the sirens started and the teachers started shouting for us to run back inside.  Why a Funnel cloud was just over our school.  I remember looking up and seeing it and frankly it scared the *&^% out of me.   Luckily the funnel cloud did not touch down.

When I talk to people about growing up in a place when a tornado watch or warning is no big deal, I hear how you could live that.    I always say, people in TN say the same thing about our snow here in Utah.

I have been in Hurricanes in Louisiana, Ice Storms in Arkansas and Missouri.

But one of the strangest things I have ever seen was in Missouri.  I am no weather man so I have no idea why this happened.  It was a beautiful sunny day hardly a cloud in the sky but it was a little breezy in the morning but by 2pm we had hurricane force winds some gust over 100mph.  The winds ripped the roof off a school gym.  Knocked down several tree’s many roofs were damaged and the wind ripped the car door out of my hands and almost ripped the door off the hinges.  But if you were inside looking through the window all you would see is Blue Sky.   That was one strange day.

I know we get some strange weather like the day when the Tornado hit downtown Salt Lake City.  I was working and people were calling us to report that the twister was going to come right through Sardine and hit us here in Logan.   I had to laugh, a tornado is rarely on the ground for more than a minute or two and how far away is Salt Lake City?

I will tell you this I have seen it rain harder in short burst than I ever saw in the south.  I am still amazed how the Mountains will affect the weather.  I have watched a storm split when it hits the Wellsvilles and barrel through Hyrum and the other part go north of Logan and hit Richmond.

I must admit it took me years to get used to the canyon winds and the devastation they can cause.  Then the morning canyon winds can really make a morning cold.

I have always loved watching weather patterns and as a child I even though how KOOL it would be to be a weatherman!  But I found out you would have to do math and radio here I come

Today on the morning show we said goodbye to Harry Anderson, and talked taxes.

Stupid news was about wedding and Mayochup (frysauce)

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When you get a weekend you get an opportunity to recharge and relax……. Yeah right.  The last two weekend felt completely different for me.

The weekend of April 7th and 8th was kind of strange yet good too.   I spent Saturday morning doing some errands and things around the house.  Went out to lunch with my wife and getting excited about WrestleMania weekend.  But something felt off.  I was just not feeling right.   I watched NXT Take over which was one of the best wrestling shows I have seen in a long time.  But still something felt off.  I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

Sunday morning was full of Sunday activities and I still felt off and started to understand why.  I wasn’t feeling sick but kind of saw the signs.  I am very fidgety when I am tired and not feeling well.  Kind of like “Restless Leg syndrome” except mine is the more like” Restless Body”   I didn’t think much of it.  So I just continued on with my weekend!

I had been really looking forward to WrestleMania for several months.  (I know I am such a geek) so at 3pm I sat inform of my computer with the WWE network on and started watching but still didn’t feel right.   After a disappointing mania I went to bed because 4:30 come early especially on a Monday morning.  But still something just didn’t feel right.  I had a little trouble sleeping but when the alarm went off at 4:30 it was time to get up shower and come to work.

Then here at work I knew something just didn’t feel right. Finally I figured it out I was sick.   Literally I could not keep my eyes opened that Monday morning and it was scary.   Finally, I hit the wall!   I could not work I was sick.  Bad sick.   Now I have worked when my voice was gone, I have worked through the pain of a broken bone in my foot.  On other words I don’t like missing work.   But on last Monday morning I had no choice.  I called my wife and asked her to come pick me up because I knew I should not drive in that condition.  I WENT HOME!

When I should have been here I was at home sleeping.   Monday April 9th after getting up at 4:30a, I was back in bed at 7am asleep.   I slept and I slept and I slept.  I got up for about 45 minutes around 11:30 for natures call and lunch.  Then back in bed until 4:30pm, dinner time and more nature.   At 7pm I was back in bed until 4:30 am on Tuesday!  I have never slept so long in my life not even in the hospital after surgery.  I got up Tuesday to come to work but had my wife drive me and I was feeling a lot better.  Still I went home around 10:30am and back to bed for a couple of hours.

Now fast forward to April 14th and 15th.  Saturday was spent doing a few things.  Sunday was a typical Sunday and in the afternoon sitting on a rocking chair outside enjoying a beautiful day.

The big difference was no Wrestling.  Well maybe a little.

Two weekends and 2 very different outcomes.  Excuse me while I go home for another nap!

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A cartoon Tooth Fairy man in a tutu.



Every Friday I get asked “What are you doing this weekend” and more times than not I say not much.

Yes I am kind of a homebody, not that I don’t ever go out and do something I just enjoy being home with my friends and if a couple of friends come over even better.   And if my wife cooks her famous ribs even better.

As I thought about this I realized that because of my childhood I became kind of comfortable being home.   We just didn’t have a lot of money for lots of weekend stuff.  I do remember a few trips to a carnival and maybe to a lake and even in my College years I was not a party animal.

One of the things I do enjoy doing on the weekends is jumping around a few yard sales or going with my wife and hitting up the thrift stores along the Wasatch front and of course a stop at a restaurant for lunch is always in order.   But even at that by three or four pm I want to be home.

I guess you could say I am a homebody maybe it is because I enjoy my wife’s company and she is my home.


It’s Friday the 13th . . . and if you’re superstitious as I am, you’ll want to read this list.  It’s how seven of the most common superstitions got started.

  1. Friday the 13th.  Nobody knows for sure how it got started but one theory is that it has biblical origins and is tied to the number of guests at the Last Supper and Jesus’ crucifixion on Good Friday.


  1. Breaking a mirror.  Ancient Romans believed that mirrors held a piece of your soul . . . and a separate myth said that our body “renews” itself every seven years.  So those two things together helped create the “seven years of bad luck” thing.


  1. A black cat crossing your path.  Black cats got a bad rap in the middle Ages when they were associated with witchcraft and demons.


  1. Walking under a ladder.  Back in medieval times, ladders were associated with the gallows where people were hanged.  So a person who walked under one might be facing their own death by hanging in the near future.  There was also the idea that the area underneath was HAUNTED.


  1. Opening umbrellas indoors.  Again, nobody knows for sure but one theory is that the ancient Egyptians used umbrellas to protect themselves from the sun, and using them indoors was considered an insult to the sun god.
  2. Spilling salt.  There are a couple reasons why spilled salt is supposedly bad luck.  One is that salt was once an expensive trading commodity, so spilling it was just plain wasteful.

7. Stepping on a crack.  This one is from European and early American folk tales, which said that the empty spaces in cracks on the ground were actually connections from earth to the spirit world . . . and messing with them would cause bad luck.


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Today’s weather forecast is for a cold wet windy day and what goes with a day like today   A grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup……… ah that is comfort food.

I am not a big fan of cheese but a grilled cheese is mighty tasty and since today is National Grilled Cheese Sandwich day

Boar’s head recently completed a survey that show’s only 13% of Americans DON’T like grilled cheese sandwiches.  87% said they do.  And it’s our SECOND favorite cheesy food behind pizza, but ahead of macaroni and cheese and cheeseburgers.

Another new survey also revealed just how much we love cheese in general . . .

87% of people in that survey said they’d rather give up either coffee, chocolate, or booze before cutting cheese out of their diet.

90% would eat cheese multiple times every day if it wasn’t bad for them.

And 66% said that if the area they live in suddenly BANNED cheese, they’d move.

Which I find kind of CHEESY!  Bad joke I know.

There is even word out today that eating a combo of grilled cheese and tomato soup is not good for you because it is hard to digest and might cause you to have gas.   So I say what is a little gas between friends and you would say EWW.

A few years ago the FOOD NETWORK had a competition show all about opening a food court restaurant.  One of the ideas was for a Grilled Cheese Restaurant, which I thought was a great idea and the judges didn’t agree with me.  I thought they could even feature a Grilled Cheese Sandwich of the day which would pair different Cheeses and soups.  I think the combo’s would be endless and a lot of fun.  Why don’t I put my money where my mouth is?  Well I have plenty of mouth but not a lot of money.

Now on to MAYOCHUP, Heinz Ketchup has combined Mayo and Ketchup and have it on the shelfs in the Middle East and now are thinking about bringing it to America.   What brilliance they want to bring “FRY SAUCE” to us here where we already have “FRY SAUCE”

My 1st try and fry sauce was at the Arctic Circle in Rexburg.  It instantly became my fry dip of choice.   I would tell my friends in TN about it and got the YUK response.

When I lived outside of St Louis I would have lunch a couple of times a week at a small mom and pop place.  One day they saw me take Mayo and mix it with Ketchup and you would have thought I had set off a nuke.   I kept trying to get them to try it and even told them it would be a hit with the crowd they wanted more of high school students.   But did they listen to me NOOOOOOOOOOO!  They were out of business within a year.  Fry sauce doesn’t get the respect it deserves.

Another food related idea I had was a Buffet that would have at least one night a month with Breakfast at dinner.   I love having breakfast foods for dinner and think that idea could be a winner if done properly.   Take a night where you are not getting big crowds and make it something special.   Breakfast for dinner, I think that is a winner for dinner.  Guy Fieri watch out!


Today on stupid news:  There’s no place like home and IT”S FRY SAUCE

Laff Lines.   Being organized


What is the name of your dog?

I will answer that question but be patient.  Why?  It national Pet Day.  The daily mail did a survey and the results are in and the top 10 pets look like this

  1. Dogs.  45% of us have dogs. 2.  Cats, 30%.     3.  Fish, 9%.
  2. Birds, 5%.   5.  Hamsters, gerbils, and mice 2%.    6.  Horses, 2%.
  3. Snakes, 2%.   8.  Guinea pigs, 1%.    9.  Iguanas, geckos, and other

Lizards, 1%.    10.  Tarantulas, 1%. .

I know people that want an exotic pet, Pot belly pigs, Chickens and the ones that I will never understand.  Pet Lions, Raccoons and even Alligators. These are wild animals that can hurt or even kill you, oh that and the fact that they are illegal to have as pets.

Growing up the 1st pet I can remember was a cat named “Benny” Benny was thought to be a boy cat until that day when Benny had Kittens.   My sister even wrote a letter to the editor of the Memphis paper which they printed about Benny.

But what is the dog’s name? Patience it is coming

After leaving for college I have not had a pet, I had a hard enough time feeding myself much less pet.  But friends had pets that were fun.

There was Misty a cocker spaniel who was well trained and so much fun to play with.  Snuggles a miniature poodle who was constantly licking that dog’s lounge never stopped.

But what is the name of that dog you ask.  Now your patience is rewarded.

My sisters came home with a dog one day.  A cute little terrier mix.  As we got older my sisters all left home so the dog was mine.   After school one day a friend came to my house and my dog was barking and snarling.  My friend Wayne said that is one mean dog what is its name?  Well, my response stuck in my throat like a cat with a fur ball until my brain made my mouth say “PRECIOUS” As Wayne had a huge belly laugh, I had to explain why I a 14 year Macho teen had a dog named “Precious”.

Remember it was my sisters who brought the dog home not me.  They named her not me.  I think they named the dog Precious as a cruel joke on me in the future knowing that a 14 year old with a Precious would be the butt of many jokes on his behalf.  It happened but I didn’t care, why Precious was my dog. A friend who would sit on my lap as I watched many a football games.  A friend that was hard to leave behind when I went away to college.   And when I got the call that my friend had passed away I cried tears for a dog who was family.

That’s the thing about pets they do become a part of your family.  I don’t have a pet today, allergies and HOA rules prohibit it.  But if you have a pet please be responsible and realize that not everyone loves your dog, cat or any other animal as much as you do.   And if you take your dog out for a walk CLEAN UP THE POOP!

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Before I begin todays blog post a terrible thing happened to my friend and coworker. Bill Logan here is post that some of you might have already seen to explain what happened

The Cache Valley Media Group family was shocked and saddened to learn that Trinity Logan (18), beloved daughter of Q92.9 Morning Show host, Bill Logan, took her own life on Thursday, April 5th.

Trinity was a beautiful, intelligent, and loving soul and we are devastated for Bill and his family. Bill moved to Cache Valley 12-years ago and has been an integral part of so many people’s lives and mornings. The Q-Crew has started this GoFundMe so that Bill can take his beautiful daughter, Trinity, home to Hawaii to be laid to rest and so that his children who live in other states can attend the interment of their beloved sister. The cost is considerable and so we are taking it upon ourselves to try and lessen his load.

Bill’s Co- host Loralee Choate

This is difficult news for me to pass on. Bill’s beloved daughter, Trinity, took her own life last Thursday. Trinity was Bill’s entire world and I am heartbroken for my dear friend and co-host. Bill and his wife are on their own here in Cache Valley. They are holding a memorial service for Trinity this week and have to fly their children in for the service. To add to that, Trinity is being taken home to Hawaii to be laid to rest. The cost of this is considerable, and the Q-Crew would like to ensure that her siblings can be there and to help ease this burden as much as possible. We love Bill and know that you do as well. Please do not feel guilty if it is not possible to contribute. We would appreciate it if you could share this on your social media pages, if possible.

For those who would like to attend Trinity’s memorial service, it is this Friday, April 13th from 6-8 at New Life Fellowship Chapel (2045 N 800 E, North Logan.)

I will be covering for Bill until such time he feels able to come back to work. THANK you for your support. We have the best listeners and community in the world.
Lora lee Choate

I can’t even express the sadness I feel today myself.   Bill and I have worked together for 15 years and shared lots of laughs and serious discussion.  We are the same age and have had similar life experience.   My thoughts my prayers are with Bill and his family.

I love you Bill

Today is National Siblings day, a day for all of us to remember our Brothers and Sisters.  In my Family I have 4 sisters, Bettye (who passed away last year), Edwinna, Sandra and Judy, my brother Sammy (Sandra’s Twin) died shortly after birth.

Life has separated us many miles but we all have had great times together.

Bettye the oldest took on a lot of responsibilities after my father died when I was 4, she married and started her own family and we spent much of my childhood separated by miles but not separated in love.

Edwina taught me humor.  She is so creative and funny I would say she taught me how to laugh.

Sandra taught me how to love in the face of adversity she is the best cook in the family.

Judy helped me have fun, the closest in age we relied on each other and most of the time she even kept me out of trouble…. Most of the time!

Here is some trivia about siblings

89% of Americans have a sibling . . . and one out of five say they’re TOTALLY different than their siblings.   10% are best friends with their brother or sister   36% of people say it’s best to be the oldest sibling . . . 31% say the youngest . . . 18% say the middle . . . and 15% say it’s ideal to be an only child.  That last one includes about one out of eight people with siblings, who wish they DIDN’T have ’em.

Here are some famous siblings in Music

The Bee gee’s, The Beach boys, The brothers Johnson, Gladys’s Knight and the Pips, the Jets, the Isley Brothers, the  Pointer Sisters, Utah’s own the Osmond’s, and the most famous musical family The Jacksons

Famous Actors and actresses include.  Maggie and Jake Gylenhall. Liam and Chris Hemsworth, Eric and Julia Roberts, Alec , Billy, Stephen and Daniel Baldwin , Beau and Jeff Bridges and sister Cindy, John Joan and Ann Cusak, Rossana, Patricia and David Arquette, Fred and Ben Savage, twins Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen. Mellissa and Sara Gilbert, Chad and Rob Lowe, Haylie and Hillary Duff, the Quaid brothers randy and Dennis, Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estavez, Jane and Peter Fonda.    I am sure there are plenty more out there.

One more thing about our siblings.  Sometimes we have a hard time getting along with our siblings and I have a theory about that.  There is friction between siblings because we as there brothers and sisters see every flaw every little personality quirk our siblings have and that is magnified by the family dymanic.  I know it is hard to believe but I bet if you asked my sisters if I was perfect they would have plenty to tell about me.  I know and here we thought I was the REFLECTION OF PERFECTION.

Happy Siblings day

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I have written about my love of baseball but today I add some thoughts on Pro Wrestling to.  Completer opposites but each holds a place in my life.

You know I am a St Louis Cardinal fan, but today is more on what I love about the sport.  A good baseball game tells a story.  The battle between the pitcher and the hitter.  Hitting a baseball is so hard that to be considered a great ball player you need to hit 3 out of 10 times, that’s right 30% is very successful.

The baseball story unfolds with new stories every half inning.  To prove my point I got to a Cardinal and Brewers game this week.  My cards had a 4 to 0 lead at one point.  The story most of the game was the Brewers not hitting.  Well the Brew Crew battled back and the story changed.  Why? With two out in the bottom of the night down by one the Brewers hit two home runs back to back to get the4 walk off victory.  The story changed from no hitting to BANG! A walk off.

So you can take that analogy and put in to the story of why I love Pro Wrestling.  It is the story being told in a ring and the arena.  Good Guy Bad guy.  Will his best friend turn on him and they become enemies.  Is the ref blind (also in Baseball)?  In the ring dur8ing a match one wrestler dominates then the other wrester makes a comeback he could win or will the bad guy cheat to win Who will win who will lose and why It’s a great story and this weekend the story is WRESTLE MANIA.

Here are my predictions for Sunday’s Mania

Women’s Battle Royal.—Becky Lynch

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.  MOJO Riley

Cruiser weight championship; Cedric Alexander vs Mustafa Ali

My pick Cedrick Alexander!

U.S. Championship The champ Randy Orton, vs Bobby Roode vs Jinder Manhal vs Rusev.

My pick is RUSEV DAY, RUSEV DAY, and RUSEV DAY —Every day is RUSEV DAY!

The Smack down tag titles 3 teams go up against each other. The USO’s vs The New Day vs The Bludgeon Brothers

My pick is The Bludgeon Brothers

The RAW tag team Championship Cesaro and Shamus (THE BAR) vs Bruan Stroman and a mystery partner


For the intercontinental championship; the Champ the Mize Vs Sheath Rollins vs Finn Balor

My Pick:  Seth Rollins, (Sorry Miz)

Raw Women’s Championship has the champ Alexa Bliss vs Nia Jaxx

My pick Nia Jaxx

Smack down Women’s Championship has the champ Charlotte Flair vs Auska

My pick.  The Empress of tomorrow Auska

Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon vs Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.  Owen and Zayn have to win or they no longer work for WWE

My Pick: Owens and Zayn

There is real life in this m match.  Daniel was forced to retire because of neck problems and after 3 years he has been cleared by Dr’s.  More real life Shane was recently in a hospital with diverticulitis that may change the match

 Ronda Rousey & Kurt Angle vs. Stephanie McMahon & Triple H:

My pick is Steph and HHH win with a Heel turn by the former UFC champ the woman with the Bad reputation Rousey

 WWE Championship –The Champ AJ Styles) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura:

My pick for Match of the night with the winner the king of Strong style Nakamura

 Universal Championship — The Champ Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns:

My Pick the best mic work of the night Paul Heymond and the winner of the Match and NEW UNIVERSAL CHAMPION ROMAN REIGNS.

One more item that will happen John Cena will be in the ring with a mic calling out the Undertaker one more time.  My pick is Kid Rock will come to the defense of Taker and then start to walk away turn around and start with song of ‘THE AMERICAN BAD ASS” And down the entrance ramp on a Harley it will be THE PHENOM __ THE UNDERTAKER!

WrestleMania is one thing I would love to go to live just once in my life.  Why?  It’s all about the stories man the stories

Today on the morning show it was Funeral potatoes and facial hair

Stupid news a Master’s update – an Eagle and some nice news

Laff Lines _ Bad rumor tweets from the Tonight show with Jimmy Fallon



No offense but I don’t trust you.

It is just one of those things that I don’t distrust you but I don’t fully trust everybody.  Right now at KOOL 1039 my car is locked, I lock up my home and even carry my wallet in a front pocket, it is harder to be a victim of a pickpocket than if I had my wallet in the back pocket.   Something that I learned when I was a teenager …… the hard way!

As the Joker would say “WHY SO SERIOUS” , Benji and I were talking and he should me a social media site that he subscribes to called Snapchat and a service that other Snapchat users can see where you are at any time 24 -7. NOOOOOOO WAY.   Some people are a lot more trusting than me,

Oliva Solon wrote about it in the Guardian.  She wrote the feature lets users track other people’s location in real time, rising concerns among safety and privacy advocates.     YA THINK?

Snap product designer Jack Brody told Refinery 29. “There’s something really powerful about seeing the diversity but also the similarity of snaps around the world”.   Whatever the heck that means.  He add Snapchaters can choose exactly who they want to share their location with, if at all (That would be me) and can change that setting at any time.

Now that is something that SnapChat did right.  Larry Magis, the CEO of said parents would sit down with their kids and get them to really consider which friends they are sharing with.    I would add to that to warn them, don’t add anyone you just met.

To be fair Twitter lets people add their location to tweets, while Facebook check in and the share location Messenger function allow people to track their contacts.  Man this is scary stuff

I do use Facebook, I am a novice on Twitter but I do have a rule. If I am out of town I never let my “Friends” know about it until I am home.  Why?  I don’t want a friend to think about an opportunity that they would not normally do.   When I am home then I will share to let friends and family see that I am living and had a great time.

I enjoy social media for the most part but as with everything in this world it has an evil side!  That is a side I don’t like at all.  I would just say be cautious and enjoy life, but for me I have my eye on you.  I might Love you I might like you.  But that doesn’t mean I fully trust you.



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