Comic con 2016

Where does the time go,  one year ago my wife and I went to the SLC Comic Con.  One year later we go back.   What a great time.  I was even invited to a part of a panel discussion on Professional Wrestling.  It was a blast being part of the panel which included an up and coming pro in the Lucha Underground promotion Marty the Moth.

I also spent time with Stephen Ammel, of the CW’s Arrow TV show.   Spent time is like a cattle call at comic con.  It was” HI” get your picture taken goodbye.


I did run into a Logan resident  Asa Humphries and took a pictures (He is the good looking guy)  and we got to talk.


We also talked with Rufus man –  Rufus is an aspiring comic artist and writer who is working on a web comic called “COSMO KNIGHT”img_20160903_112213109

Here is our conversation


Comic Con is a lot of fun,  it’s so much more than comics it’s POP CULTURE, and it is fun.  If you only go one day, like Asa did you will find something to peak your interest.







GIVEAWAY CAR 2016IMG_20160505_083536958i CA NIMG_20160505_083320152IMG_20160505_083350448

i love the Cache Valley Cruise inn.   Close to 1000 cars every year at the Cache County fairgrounds, and not only that but someone win’s a car!!!   See the pictures of this years car and oh yeas the guy with all the gray hair is me.

On Wednesday morning June 29th, John Rutledge of the Cache Valley cruise in was on the air with me talking the cruise in.    Here is the interview


I am so sorry to say for the 2nd year in a row I am not able to attend the cruise inn.   Last year i had a broken foot and this year a knee replacement is keeping me away.   I will say this, some of my sweetest memories of summer in Cache County involve the Cruise in.


I hope everyone has a great time and keep on cruising.


Dave Denton





May 6th 2016

I’m in love with this car

What a crazy week here at KOOL 1039.   We have giving away more money and prizes in the Spring green Money Machine.  TheN for Mother’s day we had a “The Mother’s Day Gift Guide” one KOOL with Katie Leavitt the Grand Prize winner.

On Thursday May 5th I get a call from The Cache Valley Cruise in, and they had just dropped off the giveaway car for people to see here at the radio station.    So I grabbed my crutch and went up front to see this beautiful car.   Here are some  picture’s including a selfie,  I think only the 3rd one I have ever taken.


As usual there were lot’s of things to talk about here are some of the fun things we did.

Happy Mother’s Day




APRIL 29TH 2016




As you probably know I had a total knee replacement on March 22nd.    I would like to thank you all for the kind words and the good wishes over the last 5 weeks.

It wasn’t easy, because of a previous illness I became ill while at the hospital and my 1 week stay expanded to 2 and a half weeks.   To show you how sick I was, I lost 36 pounds in 12 days!  But with the great care I received at Logan Regional I started feeling a lot better.

Just as a note.  I need to thank my Dr’s- the nurses and the staff at Logan Regional who were so professional with my care.   It is not easy to be as ill as I was and have to have people take care of me the way they did.   So once again I say thanks.

As my stay at the hospital was extended it started getting around that the Dave Denton in the room was the Dave Denton who is on the radio and the staff had so many kind words about what we do here at KOOL.  But I did receive did one huge question


Yes, I was in the hospital when the movie opened but on April 23rd with my walking cane in hand and my wife by my side, I finally got to see a movie I had been waiting for.  So what did I think………I LOVED IT!

Here’s why,  I went to the movie with no expectation, I knew it had gotten mixed reviews at best and I had talked with some who didn’t like and some who did.   So with that in mind I just went to the movie with an open mind and thought it told a story that I knew the D.C. comic hero’s would be proud of.    Batman and Superman have a had a trust issue for years in the comic books and the movie showed why.

Was it the best movie?   Not really but I thought it was really good.   Different from the Marvel comic movies, who mix in a lot of humor in the films.  Let me say this,  I can’t wait for Captain America, Civil War  which opens May 6th.

I have read several of the comic’s dealing with that story line and they pose some great questions?    I am sure the movie will not be able to use the complete story arc but I am looking forward to it.

As a final thought FREE COMIC BOOK DAY is Saturday May 7th.  Today’s comic’s run the gamit from great books for kids to story lines from sci- fi and more adult story lines.   I guess this is my 2nd child hood.

I just want to again say thanks to my co- workers here at the Cache Media Group for picking up the slack while a I was away.

Here are some of the fun things we did this week


Thanks for listening





March 11- 2016


Is it worth it?  Daylight savings time is it worth it?   We hear the arguments every year.   i would prefer to have Daylight Savings time stay year long.   But is it worth it?  Ask yourself that question when in June, July and August when you are outside enjoying a beautiful Cache Valley summer evening.

Here are some tips on how to survive the time change and some other fun stuff from this week




The Logan Canyon Snowman

February 29th 2016

As i went to Facebook this weekend it was there A 20 FT TALL SNOWMAN!! SNOWMAN 1SNOWMAN 2SNOWMAN 3


I had to find out more so I contacted one of the project organizers Paul Sorenson and he talked with us on the air.   You can listen here!

KOOL announcer Emily was with her family on a Saturday drive and she stopped and took a couple of pictures


Thanks for bringing us so many smiles Paul and everyone involved!



February 12, 2016

valentines day

1st off let’s congratulated our grand prize winner in the contest “This is dedicated to the one I love” Corey Harris wins the overnight stay at the Anniversary Inn of Logan and dinner for 2 from Kabuki Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar.
Thanks to everyone who entered or called in and won. Also thanks to Coppin’s Hallmark, S.E. Needham Jewelers and the Plant Peddler or sponsors this year.
Valentine’s Day is an important day for some and not so important for others. So for those who aren’t into Valentine’s Day here is what I call the Anti Valentines Montage

valentines day hate

If you love Valentine’s Day, I have something for you to. It is from one of my favorite shows “The Big Bang theory.

Have a great weekend


Why did I get so serious

February 5th 2016

As I write this, I do so with a little sadness. Why? Because so many music stars and actors have passed away in the past few weeks.
After the death of David Bowie I saw a TV news report wanting to explain why we mourn the loss of these people we really don’t know. I just know that some of these men and women touch us in many ways. They make us laugh, they make us cry, and they make us think. They become a part of our lives.
This month three of my favorite singers and performers have died.
David Bowie– who doesn’t get chills when they here “Space Oddity”, “Fame”, or “Rebel Rebel”. His musical influence is timeless.

Natalie Cole- I could go on forever about her incredible talent. But her life story is one reason I admire her, she had all the pressure of being Nat King Cole’s daughter and that lead to a long battle with Drug addiction. The book “Angle on my Shoulder” is a look into her life and how she survived. Her singing style could be soulful but her take on the standards was what she became known for. The duet of” Unforgettable” with her late father still gives me chills.

And on Thursday Maurice White of Earth Wind and Fire passes away. Earth wind and Fire was a great band that fused funk jazz rock and disco and I always looked forward to the next EWF album

The list is way too big for only one month but here are some of the celebrities we lost in the January
Abe Vigoda- Fish on Barney Miller
Pat Harrington Jr. One day at a time
Alan Rickman– Die Hard
Brian Bedford – the voice of Disney’s Robin Hood
And Jason Wingreen – the voice of Bobba Fett in the Star Wars.
That is quite a list and makes me sad but also glad because they shared their talents to us. We never know how our own talents will affect others, but if I have learned anything in my life. Every life affects others. When I get to talk to you on the phone or maybe get to meet you face to face I can honestly say that you and your talents affect me in such a positive way
Boy this blog has found me pretty serious! But really there have been some good things this week. Here is few fun things from this week.

Dave’s week is both sad and funny


roller coaster
As I look back at the week, I realized something. What an emotional rollercoaster life is!
The past several weeks several famous people passed away and that make us all sad. There is a connection we have to people like David Bowie and Glenn Fry. We love the music that became what I like to call the soundtrack to our lives.
David Bowie was an innovator in pop music, he not only worked outside the box, and he destroyed the box. His glam rock, his disco inspired songs to his great movie roles.
Two thoughts on David. I loved his hit “Fame” but my biggest memory of “Fame” doesn’t have anything to do with David, but it does bring back a Donny Osmond memory. WHAT!!! Yes Donny Osmond. Donny performed “Fame” on TV once and I was watching it with a girl as we were getting ready to go on a date. She loved Donny and was really excited about his song. Me on the other hand was wanting to find a hard blunt object and destroy her set. Not that Donny can’t sing, but that song was not a good choice for his “STYLE”. It was really bad.
Thought number two. One of my favorite Christmas songs is “Peace on Earth –Little Drummer Boy” by David Bowie and Bing Crosby. It still makes me pause and marvel at it when I hear it.
Here is a great tribute to David from the Space Station

The passing of Glen Frey of the Eagles is hard to take. I mean The Eagles, who didn’t have the great “Best Of” Album? I had it on LP, Tape, and CD. The Eagles helped form the Soft Rock. Country Rock era. But one of my favorite Glen Frey songs is a solo effort. “THE ONE YOU LOVE”.

Here are some clips of some fun we had this week. Powerball, Success, Forget something, Jeopardy, Movie prices, Drug bust in Idaho, and Stupid Crooks!

Here we are in 2016, I hope you all have a great year. Just remember, life is a rollercoaster and this week proves it. Thanks for listening

Dave Denton
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