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When Sesame Street first came on the air I was just started my brain dead I mean teen age years.  I was just too KOOL to watch it.  That was until I was assigned to watch two nephews.  So I did what any responsible care giver would do.   I let them watch “Sesame Street”.

But a strange thing happened

I learned my A B C’S… no I learned of the brilliant writing and performances on the show, which taught kids how to count and read and how to accept others who were different than them.  They did this some of the most brilliant comedy ever written.

Lots of the jokes were not aimed to amuse the kids, they were aimed to adults without crudeness.

We learned last week that Cookie Monster is the favorite character.

I would have to agree but not because I have been known to sing along with “C, IS FOR COOKIE”.  But the skits he was used in.

I have watched that video over and over and laugh every time;

Monster piece theater is classic

I can’t say I have ever binged watched Sesame Street but I do know I love it.

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The small holidays can bring back memories.

Today is International Stress Awareness day!  Hey I am aware of my stress!!

Today is Saxophone day.  A day to remember all the great rock and roll songs that feature a mean Sax solo.

So to relieve stress I guess we can listen to Kenny G today.

And today is Nacho day

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I admit I don’t really like Nacho’s!  That’s Ok, because I have heard of people who don’t like BACON!  I know I was in shock when I found a friend was a non- bacon eater.

Nacho day brought back a strange memory from back in the day when I was single and I was set up on a blind date.

I drove an hour and a half into St. Louis to my friend’s house.   I waited with my friend and her new husband making small talk until my “Date “arrived.  We decided to go see the latest Star Trek movie.

We get to the theater and I sprung for movie snacks. Popcorn, soda and yes NACHO’S.

Finding a seat we started munching and talking, my date seemed nice until she offered me some of the nacho’s I bought for her.  I politely declined which seemed to offend her in some way.  She offered again, I declined.  She looked at me like I had just stepped on her cat’s tail.

So our conversation started going downhill as I explained I just didn’t care for nachos mainly because I don’t like cheese very much and what is the main ingredient of nachos?

I was so glad the Star Trek movie started.  Which movie was it?  One I didn’t like!  But I still liked it more than Nacho’s and I liked it more than my date!

So go out and enjoy your Nacho’s today!  Me I will have a BLT hold the L and hold the T.

Today on the morning show- a feel good story from Chicago.

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Is it possible to have a three day weekend every weekend?   For some jobs the answer is yes!

Last August, Microsoft Japan decided to test what would happen if they had their employees work four days a week instead of five.  So they let all 2,300 of their employees have Fridays off for the month.

And the result was . . . a huge success.  Productivity went up 40%, so even though people were working for less time, they were getting more done.

And that wasn’t the only way it was good for Microsoft.  People took 25% fewer vacation days than normal because they were already getting those Fridays off . . . they printed 59% fewer sheets of paper . . . and they used 23% less electricity.

Microsoft Japan says they’re planning to do the four-day work weeks again next summer.

The four day work week does mean longer work days and that doesn’t work for some.  A good friend of mine was given the option of a five day or four day work week, she jumped at the chance to have three day weekends but after a few months she went back to a five day week.  Why?  Hers was a high pressure job that required hr. to be on her feet almost the whole time.

As for me radio is not a 9 to 5 job! My job starts at five am and ends only when the job is done.

I hear you saying “but Dave, you are only on the radio from 6 am to 10 am”

True: somewhat but there is a lot of behind the scenes stuff that requires some long hours.   Then when you add in remotes and appearances the hours can add up quickly. And a three day weekend turns into a no day weekend!

I am not complaining because I love what I do, and I knew exactly what I was getting into but on some days …………..

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Sometimes you have something planed for the weekend that is fun!  I had one planned for this weekend.  But something fun turned in


No joke, the past few months have not been easy on me or my wife.  I tore a tendon in my palm that needed surgery, during testing a pinched nerve in my elbow was found (surgery the same day).  While testing on the nerve another problem was found in my neck and on December 11 I will have surgery on my neck that might mean I will be out of action for a couple of weeks.  While all this was going on I had a wisdom tooth removed.  I AM A LITTLE STREST OUT!

That is why my wife and I had a weekend out of town planned.  Something fun like going to see PRO WRESTLING!

Well fun for me and Teresa said she would come with me (she can watch and enjoy wrestling, but not as much as I do).  She puts up a lot from me.

So we decide to go see DCW Saturday night at the Gateway.  We arrive early and I start introducing my wife to some of the Wrestlers I know, and that is when Fun became EPIC!

The ring announcer could not come so Manny Lemons , the promoter who has been on my podcast Turnbuckle trash and on my show on KOOL asked if I would pitch in an introduce the matches at ringside.  DING DING DING bring me the mic!

I had so much fun that I think I smiled the entire night. That wasn’t the 1st time I had been a ringside announcer, once in Louisiana I was ring side and got to introduce  acts like the Rockers including a very young SHAWN MICHEALS,  that night also featured Ted Debiase who went on to be the Million dollar man,  Koko B Ware wrestled a man who became THE ULITMATE WARRIOR!  Yes that was fun!  But what made this past Saturday EPIC was that it was spontaneous and my wife got to share it with me.

So now bring on the surgeries and the rehab and don’t forget to set that DVR so I can watch wrestling.

A big thank you to Manny Lemons, Reka Tehaka, Tombstone Jesus and his Queen, Tom  Chad, Andrew So Well, The Brothers Smith, and Bruce Wyanns ( a fellow Batman fan)   I had a great time

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Did you know MOVEMBER has its roots in Australia?

In 1999 Seven nightly news aired a story about a group of guys who came up with the idea of growing Moustaches for charity in November.  Since that time men all over the world having been growing the facial hair to raise awareness of men’s health issues including Prostate cancer.

Did you know I am a Prostate cancer survivor?

Seven years ago I had began a project to raise money for the American cancer society to honor a dear friend who had breast cancer.  The project was to auction off a Boogie Board signed by the Beach Boys at him The Cache Valley Cruise in.  I had to get a lot of approvals to get this done but it happened!  And the it happened.

A few weeks before the cruise in I had a biopsy which was positive for Prostate Cancer.  It was a Saturday morning 2 weeks before the cruise in when my Doctor called to tell me the news.  I know Prostrate Cancer has a high cure rate and is a slow growth cancer but it is that word CANCER. I was shocked, I remember being near our stairs and sitting on the second stair and just looking at the wall and not looking at the wall.  My wife came down the stairs and we just held each other.

Here it is over 7 years ago and my cancer numbers are incredibly low and my Doctor says I am cancer free.

I tell you this to encourage men to get checked.  Recently a man told me he didn’t want to know????????  Really, I remember looking at him not knowing what to say.  Then just one week ago a friend told me he had the scare but the biopsy was negative.  We talked about being scared of the C word but how relived he was now to know.



As you know I am a huge fan of Professional Wrestling and on Friday’s show The DCW camp joined me to talk Wrestling including a historic event that took place on Thursday

Crown Jewel 2019: WWE To Have First-ever Women's Wreslting Match in Saudi Arabia

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I have not always enjoyed Halloween.  I grew up when idiots were messing with candy and spiking apples with needles. That ruined what can be a fun little holiday.

So today have fun and bundle up it is going to be cold!

 It’s time for the annual list of the 13 top-earning DEAD celebrities.  Here’s this year’s spooky Top 13 . . . along with their estimated earnings over the past 12 months:

  1. Michael Jackson, $60 million.  Dead since 2009.  His total is down  from $400 million last year, because 2018 included the $287 million his estate made from the sale of his stake in EMI Music Publishing to Sony.
  2. Elvis Presley, $39 million.  Dead since 1977 . . . or so some people would have you believe.  (???)
  3. “Peanuts” creator Charles Schulz, $38 million.  Dead since 2000.
  4. Arnold Palmer, $30 million.  Dead since 2016.
  5. Bob Marley, $20 million.  Dead since 1981.
  6. Theodor “Dr. Seuss” Geisel, $19 million.  Dead since 1991.
  7. John Lennon, $14 million.  Dead since 1980.
  8. Marilyn Monroe, $13 million.  Dead since 1962.
  9. Prince, $12 million.  Dead since 2016.
  10. Nipsey Hussle, $11 million.  He died just this past March.
  11. XXXTentacion, $10 million.  He died in June of last year.
  12. Whitney Houston, $9.5 million.  Dead since 2012.
  13. George Harrison, $9 million.  Dead since 2001.


There are so many surveys, studies, random facts, and stories floating around out there for Halloween,  here are some things I found

According to a new survey, 18% of people say their plan if they get trick-or-treaters tonight is . . . pretend not to be home.  65% will give the kids candy . . . 6% will give out something other than candy . . . and 3% will answer the door but give the kids NOTHING.  BOO HUMBUG!

Only around one-third of adults are actually going to wear a costume today or tonight.

The best and worst things to give out on Halloween.  The best:  Any full-sized candy bar and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.  The worst:  Broken glow sticks or candy from a restaurant’s free candy dish.

The candy company Mars has the term “fun size” trademarked.  And they’ve even sued other companies for using it to describe their smaller-sized Halloween candies.

Do you like haunted houses?  48% of people say yes . . . 28% say no . . . and the rest aren’t sure or have never been to one.

Finally, good news if you’re scrambling to get out of work early today and/or worried about how you’re going to feel going into work tomorrow morning:  Next year, Halloween is on a SATURDAY.


Today on the morning show Kevin Hart

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I think I am pretty KOOL, I mean I am the morning host on KOOL 103.9 but that alone doesn’t make me KOOL.

I had two other influences one was JOE!


The other THE FONZ!


Henry Winkler celebrates his 74th Birthday today and to say I wanted the be Fonzie is an understatement, He could just snap his fingers and a beautiful woman would be there for a kiss.  TAKE THAT SUPERMAN.

Despite some typecasting Henry Winkler’s life’s work as an actor and producer goes on.

Two of his early movie roles are two of my favorite hidden treasures.

“Heroes” Henry Winkler played a Vietnam Vet with PTSD his co- star was Sally Field in a cross country adventure were both were dealing with serious issues in their lives.  The movie was funny and very funny at time and provided me with two memories.

Memory 1.  Just a comic line when Winkler looked at a bus driver in a café who took the last piece of pie “YOU DON’T WANT THAT IT WILL MAKE YOU FAT…………ER “!

Memory #2 was the closing scene as he two main characters were coming to terms with their lives and the song “carry on my wayward son, by Kansas was playing.  Every time I play that song I think of the movie Hero’s

The 2nd film is one that enjoyed because of the subject matter “Pro Wrestling”

“The one and only” had two legendary wrestlers in it. Chaco Guerro Sr and Roddy Piper.

Today on the morning show :SPIDERS

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Cats are strange creatures!  Who doesn’t love having a cat siting on your lap asleep with the tail that wags about every 4 seconds all the while that magical purring noise.

Today is National Cat Day, we celebrate cats most people love cats… I said most because there is 15 to 30 percent of us who are allergic to cats.   Then there are people who get tired of cats using their flower gardens as a litter box and leaving paw prints as they walk on their cars.

But today we celebrate National cat day.

I enjoy cats most of the time but sometimes cats don’t like me.    Years ago I went to visit a friend in Provo, she had THE CAT FROM HELL!

As we visited that cat would not leave me alone, it jumped on me, clawed me, bite me hard enough to draw a little blood.  As my friend left the room with me trying to fend off another cat attack I decided my skin had had enough!  Let’s just say we found out a little know cat fact ‘CATS CAN FLY!!!  AND FOR QUITE A DISTANCE TOO”  Now before you judge me know  this I would never and have never intentionally hurt an animal but this cat was like Snoopy’s cat next door.

I even had a cat when I was a kid.  Benny the cat, a great male cat that we found out was not a male cat!  No it was not a transgender cat either and the liter proved it.

Happy National Cat Day

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Am I becoming a Halloweenie?

Over the past few years my thoughts on Halloween have been changing some.   When I was a kid I was a fan of the Halloween candy but somewhere along the line I just didn’t enjoy Halloween.   I was a Halloween Scrooge   BOO HUMBUG !

But now I kind of enjoy Halloween time.  Why?  Ghoul 103.9   Several years ago we at KOOL thought it would be fun to supply the soundtrack for Halloween.   At 3 pm the transformation begins and KOOL becomes Ghoul with 6  hours of music, comedy and sounds about Halloween  .  As I started to put the show together I started to see the fun side of Halloween.   The costumes are amazing especially the kids when they come by trick or treating.

Here is a list of Halloween movies you might consider.  1st Scary movies.   I am not a fan of slasher movies and scary movies so I think I have only seen one on this list from

Movies they recommend.  A quite place… Truth or dare…  Before I wake…. The 1st purge …Predator.

Now I have seen the original Predator with Arnold and Jesse the Body Ventura. I really liked it.  (I ain’t got time to bleed)

But there are also a lot of movies that are fun and scary , I call them Halloween lite.  Some movies you might consider.   Fright night…. The Adams family… The monster squad… Shaun of the dead… this movie has a cult following and I tried to watch it, notice the word tried…. Ghostbusters…. Abbot and Costello meet Frankenstein and the one I have to watch every year is Young Frankenstein.   I LOVE THIS MOVIE!

One other movie that you might consider is not really a scary or a funny Halloween movie but it is a Bio movie called ED WOOD.   Johnny Deep as a real life movie writer and director who was more than a little out there.  He was the king of the old B movies and directed what a lot of movie critics say is the ‘Worst movie ever made” Plan 9 from outer space.   As bad as Plan 9 was Ed Wood was the opposite.   This is one quirky movie that to me is a must see.   I would probably put it on a personal Top 10 list.

So as we get closer and closer to Halloween maybe I will try a few scary movies… Nah, but I will watch the fun ones.   Maybe I will become more of a Halloweenie







I think we all have them, things that just freak us out. Phobias.

I am slightly claustaphobic, so imagine my joy when I was told twice in a 9 month span that I needed a M.R.I.   The test where they put you on a table the width of a traffic stripe on the highway then slide you in to a tube! 

I must have looked like a tube of toothpaste! 

Then if you are a big guy you …. Well let’s just say


Somehow through sheer will power, determination and a super-human effort and a **** of a lot of screaming in my head I made it through!  After both test my wife rewarded me by taking me to a restaurant for some celebratory BACON!

Phobia’s are real and some are so bad person’s lifestyle is altered.

 “Ultimate Classic Rock” put together a list of PHOBIAS that various rock stars have been known to have . . .

Here they are, starting with the more common fears:

  1. David Bowie, Gene Simmons, David Lee Roth, Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys, Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac, and Chris Cornell . . . all have a fear of FLYING

Sheryl Crow . . . fear of HEIGHTS ,     Ozzy Osbourne . . . afraid of RATS    Freddie Mercury . . . afraid of SPIDERS    Nikki Sixx and Johnny Cash . . . afraid of SNAKES.    Alice Cooper and Joe Perry of Aerosmith . . . afraid of NEEDLES.    Dave Davies of The Kinks and Johnny Depp . . . fear of CLOWNS.   Ringo Starr . . . fear of GERMS.

So you aren’t alone with your phobia.  Just ask Dr. Lucy Van Pelt.

On the morning show I got humbled!

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