March 27th 2015
I have been on the radio for 20 years in Logan and Northern Utah, wow time does fly doesn’t it! And for all of those 20 years I have been on 103.9 at 1st we played country music and then in 2002 we switched to ‘THE GREATEST HITS OF ALL TIME”. I have had a blast every day on this job through sickness and health, good times and bad it’s been kind of like a marriage for me and you the listener.
This week I was on site at The Rivalry Week auto sale with Millers Utah Carzz and Millers Quality Auto when I was talking to one of the the listeners who said that he remembered when I 1st went on the air here in Logan, and asked where my sign off came from. You know when I go off the air I say “BYE BYE TOODLE LOO YA’LL”
I don’t remember the exact reason why except to say I am a little crazy. Since I am originally from Memphis Tn. I would always say Ya’ll growing up and then when I was at Ricks College I was saying “TOODLES YA’LL” and it just kind of morphed from there.
Over the years I have had lots of people say it back to me. Once while driving a station car during the USU homecoming parade, I hear a little voice yelling “BYE BYE TOODLE LOO YA’LL”. This little girl made my day and her mother told me the girl would say that to her when she left for school…
I was at the Golden Coral restaurant enjoying my favorite French word “BUFFET” when a man tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I was the “TOODLE LOO” guy! Another time I couldn’t decide if I wanted to crawl into the woodwork or say with pride “YES ,YES I AM THE TOODLE LOO GUY” It was great to talk with this man and he said lots of very nice things about the radio station and myself which always humbles me to think someone likes what I do.
I always have such a great time when I get to you the listeners of KOOL 103.9 and 107.3 and hope that if we haven’t met and you see me somewhere around you will come up and say HI!

Dave Denton


MARCH 20TH 2015


Spring is here! That is some good news after a year with very little winter! Wow, what a crazy year this has been already. The big worry is what kind of impact this dry warm winter will have on our water supply? I will let the experts deal with that, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to start finding way to conserve water for this summer.
Spring is such a great time of the year, with all the things we start to do outside like yard work and gardening, and sneezing. I am one of those lucky people with classic Hay Fever! If I don’t take those daily pills the itchy watery eyes, the sneezing and hives hit me hard. Today I am grateful for Allegra
As I contemplate spring I also have to think back on past springs. Everyone here at the Cache Valley media group is excited about this year’s Home and Garden show at the Eccles Ice Center on March 27th and 28th. It is always so KOOL to be able to see and talk with so many of you each and every year. Hope to see you there
At KOOL 103.9 we also love spring because it means a chance to give you some of the boss’s money (LOL). It is time for the Spring Green Money Machine with THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in cash and prizes. We start paly on Monday March 30th.
Which brings me to my next thought on Spring, SNOW! It seems to me that every year during the 1st week of Spring we get SNOW! I always feel funny talking about spring when it is snowing. But then I remember where we live and realize that we can get snow anytime during the spring. Last year I started my vacation on Mother’s Day with a little snow in Logan, as we traveled south on I- 15 it got worse and worse with a major winter storm. Between Fillmore and Beaver the roads were in horrible shape and my wife was driving. She is an excellent driver but I wished I could take over for her but we could not find a safe place to pull off the switch. We saw several semi’s off the road and traffic was at a crawl and the trip to Laughlin Nv. which normally takes 8 and ½ hours took almost 12!
One more spring snow story- took place on June 12th of 2002, yes the year of the winter games in Salt Lake City. If you remember not much snow that year until right before the games when a stormed dumped almost 20 inches in one day. That was the year I was having some serious health issue that sent me to a doctor in Salt Lake City and a surgery at U of U. My final follow up exam was June 12th 2002. I woke in the morning looked outside and it was snowing those huge wet spring snow flakes. It snowed the entire trip into Salt Lake City and at the U of U hospital the snowplows were out! It was on JUNE 12th WHAT??????????????????
Well I should wish you a happy and safe spring and thank you once again for listening. Here are just some of the things we did this week including NATE our guest DJ



March 13, 2015


When I was a kid I didn’t like wearing shoes, running on green grass and even on gravel didn’t bother me at all. And then it happened—I GREW UP! It seems as I aged my feet got softer and now as I age my feet hurt!
I recently found this small article about not wear shoes around the house. So now I have several reason to feel like a kid again and not wear shoes at home. I wonder if I showed the boss this if I could be shoeless Dave at the station. Don’t count on it, so here from a website called Treehugger are 5 reasons for going shoeless at home.
1. It’s cleaner, obviously. Which is the main reason people do it. The less dirt you track in, the less you have to clean.
2. It ruins your carpet. And that’s even if your shoes AREN’T dirty. Walking on a carpet in shoes messes it up faster than walking in socks or bare feet.
3. Shoes are covered in bacteria. A recent study at the University of Arizona found TONS bacteria on people’s shoes, including E. coli and meningitis.
4. They’re also covered in toxins, like pesticides and herbicides. Especially if you’ve been in a garden. But even if you just walked across someone’s yard.
5. It’s better for your feet. For most people, walking around without shoes makes your arches stronger.
And it can also relieve stress, because taking your shoes off when you get home subconsciously tells you it’s time to relax. (Treehugger)

We had a lot of things to talk about this week from aggie basketball, Will Ferrell baseball and baseball hot dogs
Listen here



We are now getting ready for The Home and Garden Show and then on March 30th you can win money!
Dave Denton

Playing Through the Pain, Baby!

Wow, what a week–  I can’t believe it is already the weekend and the time change weekend at that.  I am one of the few people I know who has an easier time adjusting to this loss of sleep every year.  I guess there are advantages of getting up at 4:30 am.

This week was a tough one for me, why?  Last Thursday I tripped and fell bruising or cracking some ribs!  Yep, it hurt and continues to cause pain.   I found myself getting relief from the pain by “Playing Radio”.  Yeah, I call what I do play sometimes because it is just fun and this week I needed it to be fun.   YES I WAS PLAYING THROUGH THE PAIN!

From lots of weird strange stuff in the news – there was the interview with Former Miss America Debbie Turner Bell about a program that could put your pet on TV.    I had actually met Debbie back in 1991 when she was my co-mc at a Scholarship pageant in Missouri.  Not sure if she remembered me but I sure remember getting a hug and kiss on the check from Miss America!  You can still listen to the interview on

I also interviewed the bass player for Hotel California an Eagles tribune act that played at the Ellen Eccles Theater.   These tribute acts are fun to go to because you get a great experience at a fraction of the cost of the real thing.


Finally, I would like to wish USU AGGIE coach Stew Morrill the best on his retirement from active coaching.   I have never had to chance to meet the coach but I have watched him his entire carrier as the Aggie Coach.   I have often said that to me one of his best coaching attributes was his ability to get the most from his players!   I thought he was a master at this and that is a talent.    I also enjoyed watching him coach a game while the greatest student section in college basketball would crack up the heat on the visiting team.    Yeah Coach, you will be missed but I thank you for all the great memories!

I Am Who I Am

I Am Who I Am

One of the best things about doing what I do is I get to be who I am.  Who is that?

I am a man who loves music, comic books, sci-fi, sports, his wife and his life!  A few years ago my wife and I were at a picnic with some people who didn’t know me very well, and I was being me when one lady  said to my wife “ is he like this all the time?”  My wife simply said “YES”.   I have had my share of tragedies and trails but I chose not to let those things define me and who I am.

Boy that’s deep for me, I just have an outlook on life that tries to not to let the trails of life overtake my life.   I do get angry at some of the evil in the world when I hear stories about ISIS, people hurting or killing others, especially children.   And there was a story out of Box Elder County that really angered me.  Someone or some people decided that they would run over a pregnant deer and 2 fawns killing them.   I can’t even imagine what would go through someone’s mind in doing something like that.   It angers me.

Some people have asked how I sound so up and happy early in the morning.   I say, I really hate getting up at 4:30 am but being on the air at KOOL 103.9 make it worth it.  I enjoy trying to find things to talk about that will hopefully smile or even laugh.   Not to say we avoid bad news, but I try to leave that stuff for the news.  But I am having a good time every morning and you better be glad that I don’t leave the mic on while I am singing along with THE GREATEST HITS OF ALL TIME.

Here is some of the things we did this week!  Just click on here:

Thanks for listening

Dave Denton




  I admit it I love football! I love the Superbowl! What I don’t love is all the hype before the game. This week DEFLATE GATE let the air out of my excitement for the game. Marshawn Lynch and his protest against media day “I’m only here so I won’t get fined” wore thin on me real fast. I watched him make a fool of himself the next 2 days and then it hit me, he was doing it to draw attention to himself and away from his teamates. It is either brilliant or distubing, I just don’t know which.

As I was just starting to sour on this years Superbowl a human intrest story made me remember about the good these players do. Even Marshawn Lynch has an inner city chairity he supports. But the story that I loved involved for USU Aggie linebacker Bobby Wagner, who with the help of the MAKE A WISH foundation called a 14 year old fan who is fighting with serious health issues to tell him he was going to this years Superbowl. This young man’s reaction , the pure joy of talking to one of his favorite players and getting to go to the game really touched me. You can listen to it here

So, I keep reminding myself that with all the negative in our everyday lives we need to find something everyday to make us smile. Serving others, a good joke, a good book, a good meal, a great song on the radio ( couldn’t leave that out) there are lots of ways everyday that we can find to make us smile at least once. Life is just to hard not to pause at least once a day to find our smile again. So here’s to a great weekend full of things to make us smile! I know the Superbowl snacks will make me smile.

Have a great weekend

Here are a few of the things we did this week that made me smile mice, Deflate gate Bad Movies and Go Daddy



   Dang I like to eat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But as a lot of you as I get older I am trying to make better food choices. It is had to do in our fast paced fast food lifestyles to make good choices but I did find an article this week (I’m not sure who published it) but it will help us not to make the worst choices when we are out eating fast foods. It has made me think a little about what I do eat. So here is for better food choices and still enjoying eating out

FULL STORY: Pretty much EVERY type of fast food is bad for you. But if your go-to item is any of THIS stuff, you might want to change things up. Here’s the unhealthiest thing on the menu at ten fast food joints. 1.  At Starbucks . . . it’s the Eggnog Latte.  A venti has 620 calories and 29 grams of fat. 2.  At Kentucky Fried Chicken . . . the pot pie.  Obviously it’s better than eating an entire bucket of chicken.  But as far as single items go, it’s the worst with 790 calories and 45 grams of fat. 3.  At Chick-Fil-A . . . the Sausage Breakfast Platter.  810 calories with 54 grams of fat. 4.  At Subway . . . it’s the foot long Spicy Italian Sub.  960 calories and 48 grams of fat. 5.  At Cinnabon . . . the Caramel Pecanbon.  1,080 calories and 50 grams of fat. 6.  At McDonald’s . . . it’s the Big Breakfast Platter.  Which comes with sausage, eggs, pancakes, hash browns, and a biscuit.  1,090 calories and 56 grams of fat.   7.  At Wendy’s . . . the Hot ‘n’ Juicy Triple burger.  1,090 calories and 66 grams of fat. 8.  At Taco Bell . . . the Double-XL Steak Nachos.  1,190 calories and 60 grams of fat. 9.  At Chipotle . . . the Carnitas Burrito.  1,365 calories and 66 grams of fat. 10.  At Burger King . . . the Ultimate Breakfast Platter.  Which is basically the same as the McDonald’s breakfast but bigger.  It’s sausage, eggs, pancakes, hash browns, and a biscuit, for a total of 1,420 calories and 79 grams of fat.

We had some fun things happen this week we talked about cookies. Tigers tooth, a Mom who has a lot of nerve, Chickenman, and if women prefer nerds or jocks listen here

Have a great weekend see you Monday



Can you believe we are half way through January?!!!!!! What a crazy begging to 2015 with a mixture of Ice Snow Wind and then Warm temperature, you know the old saying “If you don’t like the weather wait”

I am still trying to figure out this social media thing, our Facebook page continues to grow and grow and for that I thank you. I did find something about you this week, YOU LIKE HUMOR! I had posted a picture of a car wash that had on the marque “All employees trained by Mr Miyagi” I think we had the most likes and views of that picture that anything in a long time. So to give credit to where credit is due my niece Sunshine had posted that on her page and it made me laugh so I shared it with you. I guess Sunshine went viral?

Now I am trying to figure out TWITTER. I remember back in the day when some called you a TWIT it was time to fight! But now I guess to tweet is KOOL. I have no idea what a # hash tag is… I do know I like HASH and used to play TAG when I was a kid… but I am #CLUESLESS.

Here are some of the fun things we talked about this past week –how smart are you. How much Pizza we eat. You got to be smarter than a button if you are a crook. How much money do you carry” and the Price of going to the movies. You can listen here

So have a great weekend and we will try again on Monday

Dave Denton