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Do you feel uncomfortable at parties and get-togethers?  I DO!!!!

I guess I am not alone on that one because a recent survey say’s the main reason people struggle in a social situation is running into someone they would rather avoid.

 Here are the top 10 things that cause us anxiety at social events . . .

  1. Somebody you don’t like shows up. (You know who you are)
  2. You want to leave but feel pressured to stay.(I hate that)
  3. You feel like you don’t fit in. (Yep)
  4. The only person you know is the host. (But I don’t like them either)
  5. Its just not any fun. (Someone turn on Live PD)
  6.  it’s a potluck, and no one is eating the food you brought. (That’s what you get for bringing salad!

  1. No one is drinking the beverage you brought. (Not everyone likes diet Mt Dew???????)
  2. Just WORRYING someone you don’t like might show up. (Please look at number 1)
  3. You can’t drink, because you have to drive home. (Mine should read “You have to take a bunch of drunks home so they don’t get behind the wheel!)
  4. All the food and drink options suck. (Once again)

If you can just suffer through the beginning of a party, you might be okay though.  The average person said they start to relax 14 minutes in.  But we know within 10 minutes if we’re going to leave early or not. Then it is time to make up an excuse to leave so you can get back home get in your P.J.’s sit in your recliner with Diet Dew and a few snacks and turn on LIVE P.D.

On today’s show I got into politics but not on the side of Republicans or Democrats.  It is Dave’s Matter of Perspective

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While I was having therapy on my wrist and hand on Monday we started talking about music when the song “Bad Moon Rising” came on the radio.   Being the smart…… guy me am I sang along “There’s a bathroom on the right”.   That led to a discussion about misheard song lyrics.

A friend of mine that the Rupert Holmes “Escape” said “If you like bean enchiladas”

I used to bug my sister Sandra by singing “There’s a kind of flush (sfx) all over the world tonight”  She was a huge Herman Hermits fan and yes I did it on purpose!  That is what little brothers do!

So today more misheard song lyrics

“Money for nothin’ and chips for free”. Correct lyric: “Money for nothin’ and your chicks for free” from Dire Straits’ ‘Money for Nothing’.

“Every time you go away, you take a piece of meat with you”. Correct lyric: “Every time you go away take a piece of me with you” from Paul Young’s ‘Every Time You Go Away’.

“We built this city on sausage rolls”. Correct lyric: “We built this city on rock ‘n’ roll” from Starship’s ‘We Built This City’.

“Saving his life from this warm sausage tea”. Correct lyric: “Spare him his life from this monstrosity” from Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’.

“See that girl, watch her scream, kicking the dancing queen”. Correct lyric: “See that girl, watch that scene, dig in the dancing queen” from ABBA’s ‘Dancing Queen’.

“Excuse me while I kiss this guy”. Correct lyric: “Excuse me while I kiss the sky” from Jimi Hendrix’s ‘Purple Haze’.

“Dancing queen, feel the beat from the tangerine”. Correct lyric: “Dancing queen, feel the beat from the tambourine” from ABBA’s ‘Dancing Queen’.

. “Sweet dreams are made of cheese”. Correct lyric: “Sweet dreams are made of these” from The Eurythmics’ ‘Sweet Dreams (are made of this)’.

“It doesn’t make a difference if we’re naked or not”. Correct lyric: “It doesn’t make a difference if we make it or not” from Bon Jovi’s ‘Livin’ On A Prayer’.

Then I saw her face, now I’m gonna leave her” Correct lyric: “Then I saw her face, now I’m a believer” from The Monkees’ ‘I’m a Believer’.

“I want to hold your ham”. Correct lyric: “I want to hold your hand” from The Beatles’ ‘I want to hold your hand’.

Kicking your cat all over the place”. Correct lyric: “Kicking your can all over the place” from Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You’.

“Blue seal in the sky with diamonds”. Correct lyric: “Lucy in the sky with diamonds”  and from The Beatles’ ‘

“Let’s pee in the corner, let’s pee in the spotlight”. Correct lyric: “That’s me in the corner, that’s me in the spotlight” from R.E.M.’s ‘Losing my religion’.

“Bald-headed woman… bald-headed woman to me”. Correct lyric: “More than a woman… more than a woman to me” from the Bee Gees’ ‘More than a woman’.

“We’re caught in a trout”. Correct lyric: “We’re caught in a trap” from Elvis Presley’s ‘Suspicious Minds’

“You’re the wobbly one”. Correct lyric: “You’re the one that I want” from John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John’s ‘One that I want’.

Kick a chicken with it”. Correct lyric: “Gettin’ jiggy with it” from Will Smith’s ‘Gettin’ jiggy with it’.

“Hold me closer, Tony Danza”. Correct lyric: “Hold me closer, tiny dancer” from Elton John’s ‘Tiny Dancer’.


“I like big butts in a can of limes”. Correct lyric: “I like big butts and I cannot lie” from Sir Mix-A-Lot’s ‘Baby Got Back’.

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I am guilty of loving watching repeats of favorite TV shows…. Well sitcoms.  So here is a list of 10 favorite sitcoms that I will watch over and over again.

The Andy Griffith show


Lavern and Shirley

Big Bang Theory

The Odd couple

I love Lucy

Leave it to Beaver

According to Jim


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TODAY IS NATIONAL D.J. DAY! A day to celebrate people like me the voice on the radio!

I love what I do and most of the time I don’t call it a job, I will say “I am going to play radio”.  That is the great thing about what I do I get to have fun every morning.  But sometime that fun isn’t as fun.

This morning I am getting ready to go on the air and at exactly I glance at my computer to see a warning that the program was shutting down.   CRASH!  Did I panic?  You bet your (insert your favorite word here).

Not to bore you but I was on the phone and trying to keep us on the air and streaming for the next hour.  So the start to my National DJ day was interesting to say the least.

So I thought today I would tell you a little about how I got into this thing called radio.

First I love listening to the radio and grew up listening to radio legends like Dewy Phillips, George Klien and Rick Dee’s.  Yep the Disco Duck Rick Dee’s.

In the 7th grade I won a radio contest for having the craziest laugh in Memphis.  I remember when my name was announced as the winner I jumped over the coffee table in celebration!

Forward to my senior year in high school, the school I went to was part of a program where students could take a radio class.  I signed up and started to learn how to be a DJ.  I will brag on myself, I was the first, first year student who had there on air shift.

One thing I had to do was to learn how to talk, I had a southern accent, and worked hard to lessen the accent but once a redneck always a redneck I can slip into a southern accent that would make Jeff Foxworthy sound like he was British royalty.

That was the start of my radio life.  A life that has taken me on a wild ride.  I have worked in Tennessee, Missouri, Idaho, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Salt Lake City and on February 28th on 2020 I will have been on the airwaves in Cache Valley 25 years.

I have had the chance to meet and interview several celebrities and participate in some amazing events.  But I still think what I like best is being able to talk to you on the phone at events or just meeting you around.  It is a real blessing in my life to do what I love to do.  I have had many ups and a few downs.I wouldn’t have it any other way….. Well maybe not waking up at 4:30 every morning but as they say “Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise.”   They forgot one thing “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man damn tired!

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I have not flown in a plane in about 20 years and during that time laws have changed because of the attacks on America.

Now we have to be screened to get on a plane.  I just hope I get a TSA agent who is understanding and patient.

A metal scan would find screws in my foot and hand, a metal knee and now a steel plate and screws in my neck.

So if I fly I will arrive at the airports 5 hours early just to go through the TSA screening.

Today I read that TSA agents had found a record amount of guns during the search process.  A rise of 20 percent.

That is scary!  But TSA agents also find unusual and sometimes dangerous things.  Here are some strange ones.

A chastity belt!  Yep no mile high club here.

A knife mounted to a walker.

A grenade launcher with no grenades.  But in Texas they found grenades.  In Denver TSA agents found a novelty grenade stuffed with illegal drugs.

A cell phone that was actually a stun gun.  In another case someone found a way to make a tube of lipstick into a stun gun!

A box of Eels.

And I promise this was not me but it could have been.  Someone packed Batman throwing stars.

I was involved in a flying incident.  No it was not dangerous but boy was I embarrassed.

I was on a flight from Salt Lake City to Fresno California with a plane change in San Francisco.

I sat at the back of the plane when another man sat next to me.  He was very nice and large like me… TWO BIG MEN SITTING IN THOSE TINY AIRPLANE SEATS!

Before we left Salt Lake an attendant announced that because it was so hot that we were going to alter our flight plans with a quick stop in Boise for fuel?  Ok it didn’t make sense but it started a conversation with the nice large man sitting next to me.

During our small talk I looked down at my ticket and there it was written in red ink the word FAT!   Yes, my ticket said FAT!

I was livid.  How dare they call me fat?  I showed it to my new found friend and he looked at his ticket and there it was FAT in red ink. Two large men sitting together at the back of the plane   FAT!

I decided to not make scene on the plane but boy I was ready to explode on an airline employee as soon as we landed in Frisco.   I stormed to the desk at the gate waited for my turn, threw my ticket on the desk top and said with a few choice but words that I can’t use here “FAT, MY TICKET SAYS FAT, THIS AIRLINE CALLED ME FAT”  I am sure that a few more words of the  four letter variety were said.   Then I waited for my apology as the airline employee looked at my ticket ….. Sighed and said.

Fresno air terminal…… F.A.T.  Fresno air terminal.


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Back in August I bought a guitar, not just a guitar but a BATMAN GUITAR!

I was so excited because I thought I would combine my two favorite things music and Batman.

Not to be… yet.

Sometime in the spring or early summer I started having wrist pain and some numbness in my left hand which led to a wrist surgery.  My Dr said the injury was a hard one to heal from and boy was he right.

Yesterday I had a therapy session that was painful to say the least and the pain continued into the night.  A night with little sleep!

About 2am as I was answering natures call, I walked by my Batman guitar and thought “HOLY C- CORD I JUST NEED TO START PICKING “The extra movement of my fingers will help the stiffness in my hand.  Before long I will be playing “Stairway to Heaven “


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On this date 1974 we all started saying “AYE” “SIT ON IT” ‘I FOUND MY THRILL ON BLUEBERRY HILL”

Because the sitcom “Happy days” debuted on this day.  Boy do I feel old!

When I read this this morning I started remembering the hours I have spent watching The Cunningham’s, The Fonz, Ralph Malph and Potsie.

I think the show found its real impact with the chemistry between the “Fonz” and Richie.

But I wanted you to remember the impact on POP CULTURE the show had.

Let’s talk spin offs

Lavern and Shirley

Mork and Mindy

The Fonz and the Happy Days cartoon

And who could forget Joanie Love Chachi!

There were comic books and at least two musical stage shows.

Besides all that think of the movies and TV shows that the stars of Happy Days were a part of.  Here is a partial list

Ron Howard:

The Music man Movie, The Andy Griffith show, American Graffiti and More American Graffiti

As a director another Partial list

Night shift (with Henry Winkler)



Gung Ho



Apollo 13

A beautiful Mind

The Da Vinci Code

A beautiful mind

Solo: a Star wars Story

Then Henry Winkler always THE FONZ but also a great actor and director.

The one and only –he was a Pro Wrestler (who would have thunk it)


The Water boy

Here comes the BOOM

The Lords of Flatbush

And more TV shows than space than I have

And even Potsie, Anson Williams has had great success as a director of

A Smokey Mt. Christmas

Memories of me

Cop and a Half

As a Producer



Deadman’s Gun

The list of credits of actors and guest stars of this little TV show is as impressive as any you can think of.

And happy days even gave us this term


Oh how I long for those Happy Days

 Utah has a champ and foods we hate

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I am a lucky man to have been working in a career that I love since my Sr. year of high school.  But while I was looking for something to be when I grow up I was seriously considering something in the medical field.  No not a Doctor.  I couldn’t stand the thoughts of all that schooling.

Should I be a therapist of some sort?  Should I be a nurse like my mother and father I seriously considered a job in medicine.

Bu I found a job I love that suits me just fine.  So I find it ironic that since August I have visited several Doctors.  I’ve lost count of Office visits, x-rays, M-R-I’s and 3 surgeries since September 18th and add a wisdom took pulled and fall and winter has been ….. Shall we say…? Interesting at best.

Now today it is back to the Dr., but this is a follow up to my wrist surgery, for something called the Terry Thomas sign. Named after the British actor who sported a Michael Strahan gap in his teeth.


My Terry Thomas sign surgery was in my wrist where a torn tendon was causing a winding gap in my wrist causing pain.

Look at the palm of your hand…  Now touch your pinkie with your thumb, you will see as your palm closes you will see where the damaged joint was.

The surgery was more intense than I anticipated.  I am starting to use my hand and wrist more but both are very sore, but I am able to starting to use it more every day.  I guess I was hoping for a surgery that would make me well within a month, two at the most.  Now I realize that I still have a lot more therapy to get better use of my left hand.

So off I go to see a doctor …… again.

Do you think it is too late to get into medical school?

The New England Journal of Medicine reports that 9 out of 10 doctors agree that 1 out of 10 doctors is an idiot.
– Jay Leno


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Age is only relative and I am glad I have realities older than Me.!

I have had to face a reality.  I am getting older!  But that doesn’t mean I have to grow up to fast!

Don’t get me wrong I am a mature adult and do things adults do with a few exceptions.

I don’t take life to serious and try to find something to laugh about even on my worst days

Life is not easy and the stresses and trials hit every one of us.

So despite all the health concerns of the past few months I will be mature but I won’t grow up

According to a new survey, the average person doesn’t think they’re grown up until age 33.  And here are some signs that you’re right . . . you’re NOT grown up and you’re still an “adult child” . . .

Binge watching an entire season of a TV show in a weekend.

Getting a tattoo.   NO NOT ME I am sorry but I don’t like ink.  Just not my thing.

Going to a music festival.  Because you can afford a ticket now

Regularly raiding your cupboards for cookies. I DON’T DO THAT.  You can ask my wife, if I want cookies I go to the store and buy them because I work hard and if I want cookies that is what I do.

Using a “funny” phone case.   Well my case is not fun at all but my screen has the batman logo, and ring tones come from Super hero shows or sitcoms

I guess I am an adult child I collect and read comics and toys I love cookies I guess the only thing that makes me somewhat an adult is the no Tattoo thing.   Nope I am an Adult Child and proud of it.

This morning we found out the exact time on Sunday’s we start dreading Monday morning

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“Bad boys, bad boys.  Whatcha gonna do when they come for you”

January 9th is National law enforcement appreciation day!

I for one want to say thanks to those who take up the mantle to keep us safe and try to keep criminals from harming as many of us as possible.

It is a task that is dangerous and I would guess rewarding at the same time.

I have had several friends in law enforcement. From a college friend who recently retired in Carbon county.  To a good friend in Missouri who told me stories that made me cry, scared me to death and stories that me so proud of him.

There is a young man –Sean that I love like he is one of my own who chose to serve in law enforcement here in Utah.  He has saved lives and seen lives taken away and I know that it has to be hard to see what he has seen at such a young age.   I am so proud of Sean, who I used to play Batman with!

There are those who will take every chance to question things that police officers do.   I am sure that mistakes are made and I am sure there are people in law enforcement that don’t deserve to wear the badge.  These men and women have to make split second decisions that sometimes are life and death decisions.  Every time I hear that kind of questioning, I ask if that person is willing to make that split second decision themselves.

Words are just a very simple but heartfelt way for me to say Thank you!


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