Blondie's Debbie Harry will publish her memoir, titled Face It on October 1st, via the Harper Collins imprint. Rolling Stone reported, “The book, which blends first-person essays with interviews conducted by journalist Sylvie Simmons, documents her band’s ascent to new wave fame.”

Harry said in the statement for the autobiography, “There are many more stories for me to tell; some funny, some scary, some warm, some chill to the bone. And if Face It appeals to people then I will get to telling more of the anecdotal bits of the story of Blondie — like the time I met Rita Hayworth and Penny Singleton backstage at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles.”

She went on to say, “This book is biographical and covers a lot of years. I know there will be questions asked because, in putting this together, I realized I have led a very full life and couldn’t possibly cover everything in just one volume. I’m prepared for the best and the worst comments, much like when I have released an album or done a big show. I don’t have a thick skin, but I do have a pretty good sense of humor.”

Harry went on to say that the book will detail her past relationship with guitarist Chris Stein — including how the couple dealt with his near-death battle against the disease pemphigus: “It’s such a long period of time, and there’s so much to tell, that I couldn’t really isolate a lot of little stories and events. It’s an overview of the way we got through and maintained and continued and carried on through all that time from my sort of warped little perspective.”

Debbie Harry told us that it doesn't feel like 45 years since Blondie formed in Manhattan's Lower East Side: “Doesn't seem that long to me. The only time that it seemed long ago was after 9/11. All I could think of then was, 'Oh God, I wish it was the '70s again.' But that was 'cause it was such a shocking event and such a horrible thing that sort of rocked my world — rocked all of our worlds. And I thought, 'Oh, God.' I was just really nostalgic — and I am not a nostalgic person. I really enjoy moving on, and y'know, living.”