Blues Traveler is celebrating its 30th anniversary with a major summer and fall tour along with the October 12th release of its 13th album, Hurry Up & Hang Around. The band still includes co-founders John Popper on vocals and harmonica, guitarist Chan Kinchla, drummer Brendan Hill, and bassist Tad Kinchla — along with keyboardist Ben Wilson, who came on board following the 1999 death of original member Bobby Sheehan.

John Popper explained to us that shifting management and switching labels forced the band into relying pretty much on themselves for the new album: “At some point we realized it is our 30th year and we have no plans to make an album. It just seemed like Nashville was the top of a shortlist of places we wanted to go and just write. There was a fire in a furnace. There's something about when the exterior forces are pushing on you — you get hotter. Somehow in that period there, we wrote some of out best stuff. Now, part of this reason could be that the last album we did was such a collaboration project. Y'know, we were working with so many other artists that we were kind of saving some of our best ideas for a time when we'd be back just doing our stuff.”