Bob Dylan has announced his first new album in eight years, with Rough And Rowdy Ways set for release on June 19th. Rolling Stone reported that Dylan dropped his third new single, titled, “False Prophet” early this morning, which follows his two recent tracks, the 17-minute, “Murder Most Foul” and “I Contain Multitudes.”

Both songs are included on the 10-track album — with the CD version featuring “Murder Most Foul” on a separate disc. Rough And Rowdy Ways marks Dylan's 39th studio set.

A while back, Bob Dylan spoke candidly about who he is beyond the music: “I can't describe myself in one or two words, considering the fact that I've written over 300 and 400 songs that do describe me. I gotta let those people speak for me. If you wanna find out what I'm like, you usually have to ask other people. Usually you can find out better from someone who don't know me. I think it's wrong for a person to talk about themself (sic). People. . . a person's life speaks for itself. Y'know, if you've done good things, people will spread the news. And if you've done bad things, people will spread the news, too.”