• Jon Bon Jovi suspects his 17-year-old son Jacob Bongiovi has the Coronavirus. DailyVoice.com posted the entire Bon Jovi family has been in quarantine for the past two weeks, although Jacob has not been tested. Bon Jovi told ET.com, "It stemmed from some of the young guys that we had taken in here that also tested. They were tested and tested positive and had the main symptoms but they had left. So we just followed those same protocols."
    • Jakob has been staying "in the family's makeshift quarantine zone in the laundry room and apparently felt better after a visit with a private doctor." (DailyVoice.com)

  • Jon Bon Jovi took to social media to perform some of the thousands of submitted verses to this new fan collaboration, "Do What You Can." The song, which he premiered earlier this month, finds the New Jersey rocker singing about the collective stress we're all feeling regarding the Coronavirus. Bon Jovi wrote the first verse and chorus and called on fans to compose their own second verse for the new song, which he performed for fans at home. It remains unclear whether this will be an ongoing and updated song as he sifts through more lyrics -- or whether the song has now been "completed."
    • Before launching into the tune, Bon Jovi, addressed his fans: "(Guitar strum) Alright! So, I've sifted through some Instagram, and Twitter, and picked a few of many thousands. . . Facebook. . . There's been 6,000 in the first two days, that I've seen."

  • Out now is Bon Jovi and the Invictus Games Choir's new version of the band's song, "Unbroken." Britain's Prince Harry helped joined in with the chorus during the session last month at London's Abbey Road Studios. The recording will raise funds and awareness of the Invictus Games Foundation.
    • The Invictus Games were established by Prince Harry in 2014, with the competitions serving as the "only international adaptive sporting event for wounded, injured, and ill active duty and veteran service members."