BOO!  Did I scare ya?

How about this I have on the costume that would even scare Freddy Kruger.  Today I dress as “A POLITICAL CANDIDATE”

Sorry to give you such a jolt but it is Halloween you know.

  • On a more serious side today is also a day that can be a little dangerous so here are some tips from   Jama Pediatrics and CNN
  • A new study this week found you’re 43% more likely to get hit and killed by a car on Halloween.  And obviously kids are the most vulnerable demographic.
  • Children between 4 and 8 are FIVE TIMES more likely to get hit on Halloween.  And previous studies have found the most dangerous time is between 6:00 and 7:00 PM.

Here are three tips to help make sure you have a safe night . . .

  • Make sure drivers can see you.  Glow sticks and flashlight are always a good idea.  And so is reflective tape, especially if your kid’s costume is a dark color.

Watch out for drunk drivers.  A government study found they cause about 14% of all casualties associated with people being hit by cars on Halloween.  (Dave:  Hey if you have to drink while the kids are out take some advice DON’T.  I want you to have a good time, but do you really think drinking while all these kids are out is a smart idea?  If you imbibe don’t drive!)

  • Make sure your kid’s costume doesn’t make it too hard to walk, and make sure they can see through their mask.  Trips and falls are the second most-common type of injury associated with Halloween.  Cutting yourself while carving a pumpkin is #1.

Parents also take the time to inspect all your kids Halloween candy.  With all the craziness in the world don’t give some idiot the sick twisted satisfaction of hurting someone.

One Halloween story for you, well kind of Halloween.   While I was growing up a Memphis TV station ran a Movie show showing the old B horror flicks the Host was a man dressed as a Vampire is name was Sivad.   He ran a movie theater in Arkansas and his last name was Davis or backwards Sivad!

Have a great Halloween from the Ghoul of KOOL

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