Before I begin todays blog post a terrible thing happened to my friend and coworker. Bill Logan here is post that some of you might have already seen to explain what happened

The Cache Valley Media Group family was shocked and saddened to learn that Trinity Logan (18), beloved daughter of Q92.9 Morning Show host, Bill Logan, took her own life on Thursday, April 5th.

Trinity was a beautiful, intelligent, and loving soul and we are devastated for Bill and his family. Bill moved to Cache Valley 12-years ago and has been an integral part of so many people’s lives and mornings. The Q-Crew has started this GoFundMe so that Bill can take his beautiful daughter, Trinity, home to Hawaii to be laid to rest and so that his children who live in other states can attend the interment of their beloved sister. The cost is considerable and so we are taking it upon ourselves to try and lessen his load.

Bill’s Co- host Loralee Choate

This is difficult news for me to pass on. Bill’s beloved daughter, Trinity, took her own life last Thursday. Trinity was Bill’s entire world and I am heartbroken for my dear friend and co-host. Bill and his wife are on their own here in Cache Valley. They are holding a memorial service for Trinity this week and have to fly their children in for the service. To add to that, Trinity is being taken home to Hawaii to be laid to rest. The cost of this is considerable, and the Q-Crew would like to ensure that her siblings can be there and to help ease this burden as much as possible. We love Bill and know that you do as well. Please do not feel guilty if it is not possible to contribute. We would appreciate it if you could share this on your social media pages, if possible.

For those who would like to attend Trinity’s memorial service, it is this Friday, April 13th from 6-8 at New Life Fellowship Chapel (2045 N 800 E, North Logan.)

I will be covering for Bill until such time he feels able to come back to work. THANK you for your support. We have the best listeners and community in the world.
Lora lee Choate

I can’t even express the sadness I feel today myself.   Bill and I have worked together for 15 years and shared lots of laughs and serious discussion.  We are the same age and have had similar life experience.   My thoughts my prayers are with Bill and his family.

I love you Bill

Today is National Siblings day, a day for all of us to remember our Brothers and Sisters.  In my Family I have 4 sisters, Bettye (who passed away last year), Edwinna, Sandra and Judy, my brother Sammy (Sandra’s Twin) died shortly after birth.

Life has separated us many miles but we all have had great times together.

Bettye the oldest took on a lot of responsibilities after my father died when I was 4, she married and started her own family and we spent much of my childhood separated by miles but not separated in love.

Edwina taught me humor.  She is so creative and funny I would say she taught me how to laugh.

Sandra taught me how to love in the face of adversity she is the best cook in the family.

Judy helped me have fun, the closest in age we relied on each other and most of the time she even kept me out of trouble…. Most of the time!

Here is some trivia about siblings

89% of Americans have a sibling . . . and one out of five say they’re TOTALLY different than their siblings.   10% are best friends with their brother or sister   36% of people say it’s best to be the oldest sibling . . . 31% say the youngest . . . 18% say the middle . . . and 15% say it’s ideal to be an only child.  That last one includes about one out of eight people with siblings, who wish they DIDN’T have ’em.

Here are some famous siblings in Music

The Bee gee’s, The Beach boys, The brothers Johnson, Gladys’s Knight and the Pips, the Jets, the Isley Brothers, the  Pointer Sisters, Utah’s own the Osmond’s, and the most famous musical family The Jacksons

Famous Actors and actresses include.  Maggie and Jake Gylenhall. Liam and Chris Hemsworth, Eric and Julia Roberts, Alec , Billy, Stephen and Daniel Baldwin , Beau and Jeff Bridges and sister Cindy, John Joan and Ann Cusak, Rossana, Patricia and David Arquette, Fred and Ben Savage, twins Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen. Mellissa and Sara Gilbert, Chad and Rob Lowe, Haylie and Hillary Duff, the Quaid brothers randy and Dennis, Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estavez, Jane and Peter Fonda.    I am sure there are plenty more out there.

One more thing about our siblings.  Sometimes we have a hard time getting along with our siblings and I have a theory about that.  There is friction between siblings because we as there brothers and sisters see every flaw every little personality quirk our siblings have and that is magnified by the family dymanic.  I know it is hard to believe but I bet if you asked my sisters if I was perfect they would have plenty to tell about me.  I know and here we thought I was the REFLECTION OF PERFECTION.

Happy Siblings day

Today on stupid news. Cats, Couches and Roofs

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