I have been to Las Vegas and Laughlin Nevada several times for vacation and yes I have won and lost while I have been there but I would have lost BIG TIME if I could have vacationed this week in SIN CIY.  And that has nothing to do with dropping a few coins in a slot machine.  Who would have had the time?

A dream vacation for me would have started last weekend with the NASCAR race.  Then driving all over town to watch college basketball with the WCC, Pac 12 and Mt. west tournaments all going on this week.   Then I remember that tonight at Sam’s town it RING OF HONOR WRESTLING and the 16th anniversary PPV. I would have come back to Logan broke but with a smile on my face.

The only way I could have come out ahead would be as the comedian John Pinnette said. “I WOULD HAVE MADE IT ALL BACK BY SITTING AT THE PRIME RIB BUFFET SAYING ,HIT ME AGAIN AND HIT ME AGAIN”  I kind of did that on one trip after losing a little I went to the buffet ( when they were still inexpensive) and put a big time hurting on that buffet .  3 prime ribs and all the fixins and then the desert.  I was so full that I didn’t eat again for 24 hours!

Well I didn’t go to Vegas this week and my bank account me all the better for it.  Dang it!

Don’t forget that Day light saving time begins on Sunday morning.  We lose that one hour sleep but my body reacts better to the less sleep that than the extra hour we get back in the fall.

Here are somethings that might happen to us on Monday because of Daylight saving time

  1. There’s an increase in heart attacks on Monday.  One study found that on Mondays after the time springs forward, hospitals see a 25% increase in heart attacks.
  2. There are more car crashes.  On average there’s an 8% increase in traffic accidents in the days after we lose an hour of sleep.
  3. You’ll waste more time on the internet.  A study found that on the Monday after the shift to Daylight Saving Time, employees spent more time procrastinating and wasting time on the Internet at work.
  4. Your stress levels may increase.  In a study, people’s cortisol levels rose when the sunrise time was pushed back an hour.  On average, there was a 5% increase in stress levels.


A  group of psychologists found that JUDGES were more likely to give harsher sentences after losing an hour of sleep.  So hopefully you don’t need to go to court next week.

The survey also found 63% of people would be fine getting rid of the time changes and just keeping things the same all year long.

Oh . . . and 3% of people still have clocks they didn’t bother to change for the last time change in the fall.

Last night I rented Thor Ragnor Rock and here is a review


Stupid news had a Florida traffic accident, Car theft and International women’s day

Laff lines is about daylight savings time

See ya Monday