Where would I be without spell check?  I am a spelling failure and depend on spell check every day.   One of the reason’s I am so bad at spelling is my mind works faster that my hands when I use the key board.  That and I have big fat fingers and you can see that I need to use spell check…….A LOT!

However there is a story that says that spell check also makes mistakes!  (I knew it wasn’t all me)

Business insider says you can’t JUST rely on your spellchecker when you’re writing an email.  Here are six tricky words that won’t always get caught by it . . .

“Led.”  As in you “led the meeting yesterday.”  A lot of people think its spelled L-E-A-D, but that’s just when it’s present tense.  The past tense is L-E-D.

“Manager.”  People miss the second “An” all the time and write “manger,” as in “away in a manger.”  They’re both real words, so spellcheckers tend to miss it.

“Judgment.”  A lot of people add an “E” after the “G,” which is how it’s spelled in England.  But in the U.S., the entire word only has one “E” in it . . . J-U-D-G-M-E-N-T.

“Identify.”  This one’s just a typo.  People write “identity” by mistake a lot.  Which is easy to do, because the “T” and “F” are right next to each other on your keyboard.

“Ensure.”  If you’re talking about making sure something happens, then it starts with an “E.”  It only starts with an “I” if you’re talking about insurance.

“Affect” vs. “Effect.”  One starts with an “A,” and the other starts with an “E.”  The one with an “A” is almost always used as a verb . . . like, “missing your deadlines negatively AFFECTS my day.”  And the one with an “E” is usually used as a noun . . . like, “missing your deadline had a negative EFFECT on my day.”


I love texting people, It is such a good way to get them information quickly and with gif’s and emoji’s it is kind of fun to.    That is when the stupid automatic spell check puts in a word it thinks you meant to send.   As you can imagine small keyboard fat fingers and BLAMO the wording of my text makes NO SENCE at all.   But not being a tech person I am not sure of how to turn it off on my phone

So the next time I send something out to you, give me a little break.  It was probably the spell check’s fault!!!!!   Yeah that what it is blame the spell check.


This just happened, as I was looking at the blog post I had misspelled disclaimer and the spell check I use on my word program did not catch it!   HAHAHAHAHAHAH  True story!

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