Boy George & Culture Club have just released a new single -- marking the first new music from the '80s icons in two decades. The new track, "Let Somebody Love You" is a teaser for the band's long in the works new studio set, titled Life, which is set for release on October 26th and available for pre-order. Culture Club -- featuring original members Roy Hay, Michael Craig, and Jon Moss -- is currently on the road this summer with the B-52's, and Tom Bailey of the Thompson Twins.

Boy George recently spoke about his long battle to sobriety, which played a huge part in spoiling the band's success in the 1980's: "I'm so happy that I'm who I am now. You kind of have to change your mindset, that's really where it starts. Y'know, there are some people who can have a drink and put the glass down. There are some people in the world (laughs), who can have one sandwich (laughs), one biscuit -- I'm an addict! I can't do one of anything! I just. . . I think at this point on my life, I know that that's the one thing I was really bad at. I function best when I'm sober, clear-headed -- as healthy as I can be. That's when I'm at my most vibrant, most fun, and the other thing was just a disaster."