Over 35 years after achieving global fame and becoming a household name, Boy George says that he's finally gotten the art of celebrity under wraps. Culture Club is currently on the road and will release its first new album in 19 years, titled, Life, on October 26th.

Boy George told us that he's figured out a way to live as a celebrity while remaining completely true to himself: “I don't wander around wearing the things I wear on stage. I mean, I would, but it would cause me so much hassle. So, I tone it down during daylight and I've definitely gotten more relaxed with the whole relationship with the public and with fame and I'm a lot easier with it and I'm more approachable. I don't know — I think I've just grown into it, y'know, accept that its my job and that people are gonna come up to me. I don't get hassled, but, y'know, often people will come up to me and say, 'Hey, Boy George!' And I'll be like, 'Yep! Sometimes (laughs)!”

Out now is the title track to Culture Club's latest album, Life. Boy George spoke about the song, explaining, “John Lennon said 'LIFE’ is what happens while you are busy doing other things, but sometimes you have to stop and look with sadness and pride at what you have done and created in your own life and value the rich complexity of it! As the lyricist of ‘Life’ I wanted to express something truthful, honest and bare while carrying an uplifting message of hope. It's my story but it's a story so many people will resonate with. A story of recovery, transformation and the start of a brand new journey which has already brought Culture Club well deserved accolades. It's a song about second chances and new beginnings, enlightenment, spiritual growth and personal redemption.”