Something unusual happened to me last night.  I sat down after dinner to watch a little TV.  On DVD we watched 2 episodes of Agent Carter a show that lasted only 2 seasons on ABC but is was very good.  It was a show that took place after Capitan America had crashed his plane and the girl Agent Carter was left behind to carry on her work as a secret agent.   It was such a fun show.

Then it was time for the FLASH.  One of my favorites on current T.V.  And on that show I noticed someone a lot of people might not have known.   Bill Goldberg.  Bill played in the NFL and became a Pro Wrestler who is being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in March.   It was a fun show to watch even without GOLDBERG!

Ok now it is 8pm and a new Super Hero show is on. “Black Lighting” I watched it last week and said “it is ok”, so I was ready for the story to continue, should have known better.  Not so good acting bad sxf and the story line that turned in social commentary.  I don’t watch TV to be preached at, but that is OK I have a remote that works and a delete button on my DVR.   Can’t wait for the return of” Legends” to return.

That made me think of the few times I either walked out of a movie or turned off a show.   It hasn’t happened a lot but it has happened.  There was a rip off of The Bad News Bears called Here Comes the Tigers it was so bad that out went Dave.  Even the guys at MST 3000 couldn’t make that show enjoyable.

I walked out of “Looking for Mr. Goodbar”  one of the stupidest movies I have ever seen and I wished I had walked out on 48 hours with Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte.  I think Eddie Murphy is such a talent I love him in some of his movies but I can only take the “F bomb” so many times,  I was sick when I left that one.

One more item about movies I wish I had walked out on.  Any movie with Ben Stiller in it.  I don’t know why people think he is funny because to me he isn’t.  Yes I have seen the Night in the Museum movies which to me are barley watchable.   Maybe I am just too old to get Ben.

My Hero’s watching over me every morning

So that is my rant for today. If you don’t agree with me that is fine because as a friend of my said to me one time “If we all had the same taste, this would be a very boring world”


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