Life has a way of stressing you out!  I could be bad news, work problems, personal problems.

I had none of those but man I needed to break up my routine a little.   That is where my staycation came to the rescue.

We had decided that this was not going to be a year of a vacation.  You know the type loading up the family truckster and hitting the open road for a vacation.

Two weeks ago I looked at the calendar and asked my wife if taking a few days off at both of our jobs was possible. YES YES YES !


Not much really Wednesday I drove the KOOL PT in the Logan Pioneer day parade.  So there was one day off where I kind of worked.   After the parade it was a quick trip to Clearfield and on the way back you have to stop for food right?

Thursday was a day off but I worked must for a short time at eh station doing some off air work that needed to be done.   Then it was “Spider-man Homecoming” NO POPCORN. But you have to have lunch right!  AND I DID.

Friday was a really fun day.  We took a day trip to Rexburg Idaho where both my wife and I went to college way back in the day.   My way back was a lot more way back than her way back.

Boy has that town changed a lot over the years.  I was shocked to see all the apartment complex’s 4 and 5 stories high.  The way the streets had changed.   We did stop in front of the Dorm I lived in for two years and I took a picture in front of a tree that I used to sit under for shade back in the day.   That tree was a lot smaller then!!!!!!   So was I!!!!

It was great to swap stories with my wife about our lives at Ricks.   We missed each other by a few months.  She was at Ricks and I was working in Blackfoot.

One shocking development for anyone who went to Ricks when I did.  You will remember “The Sober Society “well I knew that they had morphed into a Pizza place called “Cargo’s” really not sure if I spelled it correctly.  But now the location of so many Sober Society memories and PIZZA BOMBS is a Pest control company!   I spent so much time (and money at the Sober Society) that I wanted to “RAID” The pest control company.    Raid that was really bad wasn’t it.

I can’t say that Rexburg was my favorite place to live.  But do I have good memories and a few bad from my almost 6 years going to school and working.  No I didn’t go to school the entire time!  If you looked at my grades you would wonder if I ever went to school!

I noticed in this blog how many of my memories involved food.   Except that little tree which is now a lot bigger — ME TOO!