I admit it I tend to overdo things, more than just a little.  I  BINGE.

I binge watch TV shows.

I binge watch movies

I binge eat.

I am not talking about the serious binge eating, that is dangerous and can lead to horrible consequences.

I talk of binge eating one type of food and you want to eat all the time.   Right now for me it is Hot Dogs!  Yes, hot dogs I find myself craving hot dogs every day but I try to resist.  I know some people are going Yuk, but I love a good dog.  Most of the time I don’t even use buns.  Just cook them up put them on a plate.  Condiments optional and I am happy.

Most of the food I binge is not good for me!   You can tell it just by looking at me.   Over the past few years, I would binge on Cheetos’s, Bugles, Snickers and Little Debbie Snack cakes (that harlot tempts me every day)

Now that you think I am just a glutton who eats only junk food, I have also binged on some actually good for you food.   Right now I crave an orange, V-8 juice, Milk and baked not fried chicken, salads with an oil and vinegar dressing and a boiled egg.  I have been known to binge on each one.

My favorite binge worthy good for you food is (drum roll please)   CABBAGE.  Just about any way it can be prepared I like it, boiled, raw, stir-fry, Cole slaw, kraut,  If it is cabbage…….. Pile it on!

I already know what I am having for lunch.   A big bowl of Cole slaw, with my special sauce.  I will add some sort of meat, and devour.  But since I am not home I better run to the store and get some Cheetos’s and Little Debbie Snack cakes.

Have a great weekend

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