Let’s all go to the lobby and grab our self’s some overpriced snacks.

I often wonder what the profit margin is for movie popcorn. Well according to Marketplace.com it is 85%.  Yes 85%, but I don’t mind.  You go to the movies you get Popcorn and then you have them add the butter or is it. The website for Peta 2 has an article titles “Accidental Vega Movie Snacks” that say the Regal movie chains “Butter is made with coconut oil soybean betta-carotene and natural and artificial colors and flavors.

Over the years there have been groups talking about how unhealthy the movie popcorn is.  I say bring it on… I go to the movies 3 or 4 times in a year and I want that popcorn, and now to find out it is a VEGAN TREAT.  Does that make me Vegan and wait I just quoted something from Peta, yes Peta.   I wonder if that will hurt my standing with the People for the eating of tasty animals.

Over the years the movie theater chains have had to look at the business model because of technology.

DVD, BLUE RAY, DIGITAL platforms and people spending thousands on home theater systems has put pressure on the theaters and how they draw people to the theater.

The big thing a few years ago was movies in 3d which I really didn’t enjoy the few times I used the glasses.  I haven’t seen a movie in I-max yet, but there is just something about going into the theater with you bucket of Popcorn ( hopefully refillable) and a glass of soda, and maybe some movie candy and enjoying the experience of all the adds over and over then some trailers and finally the MOVIE

Usually the snacks are done and the Dolby speakers get all nice and loud and the movie itself.  Of course there are times when the jerk behind you will not shut up, or a kid keeps kicking your chair but that is part of the experience I guess.  That is why I only go to the movies during matinees. And make sure my wife and I are part of a small amount of people who are likeminded.  Being there for the POPCORN!!

This blog was inspired by an article I read today that said Samuel L .Jackson is the Top – Grossing Actor of all time , now that doesn’t mean he is the highest paid but that his movies make bank.   Think of all the Marvel movies he has been in.

Now let me just say this, Jackson is so good  as Nick Fury but man in the Star Wars movies he was just as bad.

Here is a list of highest grossing actors and there top movies

Samuel L. Jackson, $5.753 billion.

Highest-Grossing Film:  “The Avengers”, $623.4 million.

  1. Harrison Ford, $4.963 billion.

Highest-Grossing Film:  “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”, $936.7 million.

  1. Robert Downey Jr., $4.960 billion.

Highest-Grossing Film:  “Avengers: Infinity War”, $678.8 million.

  1. Tom Hanks, $4.605 billion.

Highest-Grossing Film:  “Toy Story 3”, $415 million.

  1. Morgan Freeman, $4.522 billion.

Highest-Grossing Film:  “The Dark Knight”, $534.9 million.

So who is your favorite actor? For me the answer is Denzel Washington. That man can act!

Here is one of my favorite movie clips of all time it is from” Crimson Tide” with Gene Hackman.  Warning this clip has some harsh lounge.


Excuse men, I need to get that refill on the Popcorn

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