I love Thanksgiving!   It has the three: F’s”




I guess you could add Parades in there but it’s my blog and I don’t like watching Parades!

 A recent survey of 2000 people found there are some traditional Thanksgiving foods that we eat only because of tradition.

68% said there’s at least one classic Thanksgiving food they secretly dislike but eat anyway.  And the most popular answer was . . . canned cranberry sauce.

Some people hate the taste, and some find the can shape revolting.  Almost 30% said they secretly dislike it, but still eat it if it’s served.  Here are the top five answers . . .

  1. Canned cranberry sauce.  29% hate it but eat it anyway.
  2. Green bean casserole, 24%.
  3. Sweet potatoes or sweet potato casserole, 22%.
  4. Pumpkin pie, 21%.
  5. Turkey, 19%.  So almost 1 in 5 people secretly hate eating turkey on Thanksgiving.

The survey also found 23% of us have no interest in leftovers.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE!

Another survey found 63% of people say that Thanksgiving dinner NEVER goes exactly like it’s planned . . .

  • Not all of the cooking is done on time.
  • Running out of wine.
  • Spilling something on the floor.
  • Forgetting a key ingredient in one dish.
  • At least one thing is cold by the time it’s served.
  • Running out of something before everyone gets some of it.
  • Cooking something wrong.
  • Forgetting someone’s food allergy or dietary restriction.
  • The turkey is burnt.
  • The turkey is dry.

A few years ago at a family Thanksgiving dinner we could not get the turkey to cook.  About half cook the rest was raw.  Yes we thawed it but we had a defective Turkey.  So my mother in law had an alternative HOT DOGS!

Yes we had Hot Dogs with all the traditional Thanksgiving fixings.  Every year I crave hotdogs on Thanksgiving.


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