Bruce Springsteen took time out during his Tuesday night (June 19th) performance of “Springsteen On Broadway” in Manhattan to condemn President Trump's policy of separating migrant parents from their children upon crossing the border. In 1995 Springsteen recorded the Grammy Award-winning The Ghost Of Tom Joad album, which gave voice to the lives of workers and families coming to America across the U.S. – Mexican border.

At the Walter Kerr Theatre, Springsteen spoke to the crowd before performing the album's title song. Springsteen's website ( posted a “rough transcription” of his introduction to the song, in which he said in part, “We are seeing things right now on our American borders that are so shockingly and disgracefully inhumane and un-American that it is simply enraging. And we have heard people in high position in the American government blaspheme in the name of God and country that it is a moral thing to assault the children amongst us. May God save our souls.”

He went on to say: “There's the beautiful quote by Dr. King that says the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice. Now, there have been many, many days of recent when you could certainly have an argument over that. But I've lived long enough to see that in action and to put some faith in it. But I've also lived long enough to know that arc doesn't bend on its own. It needs all of us leaning on it, nudging it in the right direction day after day. You gotta keep, keep leaning. I think it's important to believe in those words, and to carry yourself, and to act accordingly. It's the only way that we keep faith and keep our sanity. I've played this show 146 nights with basically the same setlist, but tonight calls for something different. . .”

A while back, Bruce Springsteen explained that the election of Donald Trump was a reaction of many voters who felt overlooked or forgotten by the changes in politics and the economy: “If I couldn't play music and had to find some completely other line of work, I have no idea what in the world I would do. I'd drift. And I think there's a lot of folks who feel left behind by history, who neither party has addressed their concerns. So a demigod like Trump comes along who appears to be listening, who has very simple answers to very, very difficult and complicated questions, and it can be a compelling figure for people.”