Bruce Springsteen is receiving raves for his new big screen concert film, Western Stars, which premiered last week at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). Western Stars will hit theaters on October 25th, and prior to that will have Fathom Events screenings on October 19th and 23rd.

Springsteen explained to the crowd at the TIFF that his recent autobiography, Broadway show, and now the Western Stars movie are all connected and helped inform the following project: “Maybe it's part of the act of gettin' older, but the book came very organically, and then, from the book, the play came, and really, from the play, this, sort of, is an extension of some of the tying up of philosophical threads that I've been working on my whole life. I mean, like I say at the beginning of the picture, there's two sides to the American character; there's the solitary side and the side that years for connection and community. That's just been a lifetime trip for me. And trying to get from one to the other. How to reconcile those two things.”

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