Bruce Springsteen hit the stage on Saturday night (April 14th) at Manhattan's Tribeca Grill for an impromptu performance that marked his first in 2019. Rolling Stone reported “The Boss” joined his primary photographer Danny Clinch's group, the Tangiers Blues Band for storming runthroughs of Huey' “Piano” Smith's “Rockin’ Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie Flu” and the standard “Down The Road Apiece” — best known for Chuck Berry's classic version.

The performance was part of The Kristen Ann Carr Benefit to battle sarcoma cancers, which was named after the late-daughter of Springsteen's co-manager Barbara Carr and his biographer Dave Marsh.

Bruce Springsteen explained that for years he kept his chronic depression personal demons at bay through performing live: “Y'know, you're young and you don't understand the different things you're feeling — you certainly don't understand if there's any chemical imbalance. So all I knew was when I played it deeply centered me and chased away my blues. There was an enormous amount of self-realization in playing and when you walked off the stage at night, you knew who you were and you felt you'd done something constructive. So, you're left with a certain feeling of lightness and a certain positivity that eluded me in a lot of the rest of my daily life.”