Bruce Springsteen headlined the 13th annual Stand Up for Heroes benefit on Tuesday night (November 4th) in New York City's Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden. Springsteen, along with fellow performer Jon Stewart, has long been a supporter of the U.S.-based charity gig, serving the Bob Woodruff Foundation, which provides aid to those who have sustained the "hidden injuries of war," and has raised over $33 million and helped over one million veterans, service members, and their families since it began.

During the show, "The Boss" sat in with fellow performer Sheryl Crow, guesting on her song "Redemption Day," before playing a five-song acoustic set, comprised of "Bobby Jean," "I'll Work For Your Love," "I'm On Fire," and a medley of "Dancing In The Dark" and "Land Of Hope And Dreams."

The Asbury Park Press reported, "(Springsteen) also told his annual off-color jokes, mostly in the NC-17 range. One was about a sex shop employee who made $50 selling a thermos, another was about materialistic fella who lost his Rolex in a grisly auto accident, and the third was about, well, let's just say roads and goats."

Bruce Springsteen told us that he believes his role as an American songwriter extends far beyond the entertainment community in which he works: "You're supposed to remain interested in the world. Y'know, my job was always to put you in somebody else's shoes and, and have you walk a while in those shoes, I've said a lot in the past. You're out there, and you feel what's in the air out there, and you feel what's on people's minds. People are looking for ways to have a dialogue about these ideas, about these issues. They're looking for ways to try to get a handle and, and make sense of, of what's happening, y'know? And I think that music and film and, and art has a service to perform in, in that fashion."