March 27th 2015
I have been on the radio for 20 years in Logan and Northern Utah, wow time does fly doesn’t it! And for all of those 20 years I have been on 103.9 at 1st we played country music and then in 2002 we switched to ‘THE GREATEST HITS OF ALL TIME”. I have had a blast every day on this job through sickness and health, good times and bad it’s been kind of like a marriage for me and you the listener.
This week I was on site at The Rivalry Week auto sale with Millers Utah Carzz and Millers Quality Auto when I was talking to one of the the listeners who said that he remembered when I 1st went on the air here in Logan, and asked where my sign off came from. You know when I go off the air I say “BYE BYE TOODLE LOO YA’LL”
I don’t remember the exact reason why except to say I am a little crazy. Since I am originally from Memphis Tn. I would always say Ya’ll growing up and then when I was at Ricks College I was saying “TOODLES YA’LL” and it just kind of morphed from there.
Over the years I have had lots of people say it back to me. Once while driving a station car during the USU homecoming parade, I hear a little voice yelling “BYE BYE TOODLE LOO YA’LL”. This little girl made my day and her mother told me the girl would say that to her when she left for school…
I was at the Golden Coral restaurant enjoying my favorite French word “BUFFET” when a man tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I was the “TOODLE LOO” guy! Another time I couldn’t decide if I wanted to crawl into the woodwork or say with pride “YES ,YES I AM THE TOODLE LOO GUY” It was great to talk with this man and he said lots of very nice things about the radio station and myself which always humbles me to think someone likes what I do.
I always have such a great time when I get to you the listeners of KOOL 103.9 and 107.3 and hope that if we haven’t met and you see me somewhere around you will come up and say HI!

Dave Denton