It is possible to be sick and still have a really good weekend.

Let me explain.  Last Tuesday morning I started to feel ill and that feeling became a full scale YUKO.  I went to the Doctor and continued to work until Thursday morning when I found myself making silly mistakes and I knew it was time to go home.

Did I let my illness change my weekend plans, YEP, I had planned on a trip to Salt Lake to see my sister who is the process of moving to California.  I had also planned on going to a local resultant with big screen TVs to watch the Aggie game.    NOPE THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN EITHER.

But between naps and felling awful I really had a nice weekend.  One thing I enjoyed was just being home.  Friday night watching “It’s a wonderful life” I cry every time he can’t find Zuzu’s pedals.  Don’t get me stated on Mr. Gower.

As you know I have a strange sense of humor and while watching Live PD something happened that still makes me laugh.  They aired a cell phone video where a man was describing the scene of an apparent accident scene that involved drunk driving.  I WARN YOU THAT THIS IS FUNNY BUT DOES CONTAIN LOTS OF BLEEP CURSE WORDS   I MEAN A LOT.


 My wife and I watched the Aggies at home but with takeout food.

More naps more food and just spending time with my wife was really nice.

I thought Sunday morning that I was feeling better and went to church then came home thinking wow I am glad that is over!   Not so fast antibiotic breath.  About 4 pm I started feeling punk again.  It even interfered with my plans to watch the TLC ppv on the WWE network.  I tried but by 5:30pm I was in bed and will have to watch it on the network today.   If I feel up to it.


Today on the morning show is it a Hot Dog or a Taco

Stupid News:  City roads cause an accident —- or did they?   Why would a 45 year old man want to join a Frat???

Laff lines —A star for Christmas