The catch phrase, words we use in our conversations and most of those phrases come to us from the movies and TV shows we watch.

Who hasn’t said, I have a bad feeling about this, DOH, or is that your final answer.

I use these all the time.  I find them a great way to give extra emphasis to a conversation and sometimes a way to lighten the mood.

So here is my attempt to tell a story by using these phrases

In 1984 mu cousin and I traveled to LA hoping to go see a taping of The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.  I was forward to hearing Ed say “HERE’S JOHNNY” But we experienced the THRILL OF VICTORY AND THE AGONY OF DEFEAT, when we were told Johnny was on vacation DOH! I was feeling really down when I though WHY SO SERIOUS and when I found out the guest host was going to be Joan Rivers. Guest on the show included Oliva Newton John OH YEAH and IT’S A GOOD THING.

The vacation was full of being a tourist and since I was a young single man I was scoping for possible dates so HOW YOU DOING.   Nothing worked basically because I am very shy and using my best pickup lines weren’t working but I persisted and got lots of no thank you and I would always want to say IS THAT YOUR FINAL ANSWER

So I decided to just enjoy myself on vacation with visit to see the Hollywood walk of fame.  Mingling with people from all over the world introducing themselves THIS IS MY BROTHER DARYL AND THIS IS MY OTHER BROTHER DARYL.  My own cousin must have thought he was with Cousin Eddie from the Vacation movies when I would look at the restaurant menus and would tell the waitress to GIVE ME SOME OF THE YELLOW… AND DON’T GET STINGY ON ME.

Every day we would load up in the FAMILY TRUCKSTER and HIT THE ROAD JACK.  There was a day trip to San Diego who was begging us to COME ON DOWN.  I reminded here that we were in a car and not DE PLANE DE PLANE.  But after much conversation she gave me An OFFER I COULD’NT REFUSE.   A free haircut and a home cooked meal BAM!

Another day in LA and a tour of the NBC studio’s where a tour guide showed some items use on our favorite TV shows.  She asked if anyone knew what this item was and I PITY THE FOOL who didn’t know what is was, so I spoke up and correctly identified it as an item from the 1st episode of the A- Team.

As the tour continued we stopped at a small shoe shine stand, the same stand that Johnny Carson talked about on his show.  AYYY that was pretty cool and the tour group was looking at the autographed pictures talking about their favorites then with my big mouth I noticed one autograph that no one talked about so it was time for me to MAKE IT SO and spoke up when I saw GENE GENE THE DANCING MACHINE.

Vacations end and as entered the Hollywood airport I ready to LOOK UP IN THE SKY.   As I boarded my flight I said to the flight attendant I’LL BE BACK and the attendant said FRANKLY MY DEAR I DON’T GIVE A DAMN!

So that was my feeble attempt at catch phrases!  Hope you join me Wednesday morning until them LIVE LONG AND PROSPER.

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