It is National Catfish Day and catfish has been a big part of my life.  Not that I have ate a lot of catfish to be honest I am not a huge fan but when you add hush puppies and slaw, I will put some catfish away.

No, my connection to catfish is from THE WORLD” S BIGGEST FISH FRY in Paris Tn.  Every April this community puts on a great celebration of fried catfish and entertainment that my family has enjoyed for year.

A couple of times a year we would visit family who lived in Paris and I always looked forward to seeing the big catfish as we came to town.

Paris, Tennessee - Wikipedia

Paris also is part of my work history as I worked at the radio station there not once but twice.  I was a news director and later became the program director of the stations there.  I really enjoyed my time in a great community.

Now you might know that I was raised in Memphis TN, but I have not been there in 25 years and I do not miss it.  But one of these days I would love to take my wife on a vacation to Paris!   We could visit the Eiffel tower yes, they have one.  But I would have to sit down to a plate of catfish slaw and man I love me some hush puppies

Eiffel Tower Replica in Paris, TN - YouTube

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