Change is not always a good thing:

One Saturday the wife and I were out of town and decided to go to a favorite restaurant for lunch.   I mean this place had great food.  Notice the word had.

We get there and sat down to a new menu which looked great but looks are deceiving sometimes and this was one of those times.   My wife’s favorite item and my favorite item were both no longer available.  WHAT IN THE NAME OF BOBBY FLAY IS GOING ON HERE.

We made our order thinking the food was so good before it had to still be good………….. It wasn’t.  Man what a letdown.  I know the restaurant business is tough but to replace two really good menu items with two mediocre items.  Seems to me corporate is trying to cut corners.  Well cutting the corners makes us cut out that restaurant as a must visit.

Being disappointed in a meal reminded me of a meal I had with my Aunt Uncle and one of my cousins when I was a young adult.   Aunt Chris and Uncle Brent had told my cousin Kevin and I that we could order anything so we decided to order the most expensive item on the menu Filet Mignon.   I had no idea what it was but I found out it was a special cut of beef wrapped in Bacon … mummy bacon.  However at this restaurant the Filet Mignon was tiny.   It was small I think about 3 bites and it was done.  So Kevin and I ate then excused ourselves and went next store to Mickey D’s


Bacon or Waffles for breakfast and the 50th anniversary of the moon landing had people talking this weekend.

Stupid news: How hot is it?

Laff lines