Have you ever heard the saying “MONEY TALKS AND ———‘

Let’s just say if money talks my money needs a larger vocabulary!

I try to be careful with my money.  I didn’t say frugal or thrifty but I didn’t say I like spending money at a whim either, but I do like to spend.

On out sister station KVNU we run THE DAVE RAMSEY SHOW.  I will listen sometimes trying to get some ideas about how to handle my money.  OH, I can handle it ok but keeping it is a different matter.

Today on PR NEWSLETTER they had a short article about being cheap vs frugal.  Here are a few items that caught my eye, I might even have to make a snide comment or two or three.

  1. Not leaving a tip . . . CHEAP. (If you don’t leave a tip because of poor service, tell the manager or the waitress why.)


  1. Buying generic groceries or electronics . . . FRUGAL. (Oh I will somewhat disagree on this one. There are some fantastic items that are generics.  I DRAW THE LINE ON ELCTRONICS!   There are some off brands that are just that off-full.  There was a chain that even had Radio in its name but over the years I found the items at this little shack to be less that what I wanted.


  1. Carefully tracking how much electricity you’re using . . . FRUGAL. (And a little cheap too)


  1. Reusing tea bags or coffee filters . . . CHEAP. (And icky)


  1. Calculating your portion of a group dinner bill to the cent . . . CHEAP.


  1. Diluting your hand soap with water so it’ll last longer . . . CHEAP.


  1. Using deals or coupons for everything you buy . . . FRUGAL. (Borders on the cheap with me, but maybe that is one reason I don’t have a lot of money)


  1. Always tipping 15%, regardless of how good the service was . . . CHEAP. (Agreed, sometimes they go out of the way to provide good service and if you want to tip more go for it.)


  1. Re-gifting . . . CHEAP. (NO NO NO NO NO! I disagree, if you are given a gift it is yours to do with what you want and if you can’t use it why not give it to someone else to enjoy.  Yes, I am a regifter!   I admit that I have only done it once or twice)

At a radio station Christmas party several years ago as a white elephant gift I wrapped up a can of SPAM!  The person who got it hated SPAM.  So the next year, his white elephant was the same can of SPAM and I got it!   He regifted, and I ate it!

Sometimes being cheap is frugal and verse visa as I say.

Is it cheap to squeeze Ketchup packets into your on bottle?  What about when you go through a drive through and they pack you up with napkins, do you put those in a drawer to use?

Why just this morning at 5am at a drive through I received about 20 napkins and some plastic cutlery.  The plastic knife is now packed away for future use and the napkins went into the stack.



Today on the morning show. Mr. T

Stupid news; a mother and son bonding moment and a drunk that just keeps digging in deeper and deeper.

Laff Lines: Department store dressing rooms

If you will indulge me just a little.  This morning just I was getting ready to come to the station I received a call, the kind of call no one wants to get at 4 am.   My nephew Jeremy passed away early this morning in Memphis.

I helped take care of Jeremy a lot when he was younger.  Seeing him and his cousin Kelly on sit in spins laughing is a great memory for me.  His family moved a lot and so did I for too many years so I had not seen him in several years.  He did come to Logan and was a witness at my wedding.

Last year while I was in Laughlin Nevada I came across a Wonder Woman slot machine and sat down to play.  WHY? Jeremy and I shared a love of the character Wonder Woman.  I took some pictures and sent them to him.  Didn’t send him my winnings, because there wasn’t any.

It is very hard to lose a loved one at any age.  I will take time to shed a tear.  But most of all I will smile every time I read a Wonder Woman story or watch a rerun or even the next time play the Wonder Woman slot machine.  I will think of Jeremy