A children's book called Sweet Child O'Mine, named after the iconic Guns N' Roses song, will arrive in September in both hardcover and e-book formats.

The book was created by the band in collaboration with best-selling author James Patterson. It takes the lyrics of the song and adapts them into a story for kids inspired by the daughters of Guns manager Fernando Lebeis and his sister.

Lebeis said, “My sister and I have been lucky to be able to watch our daughters — Maya and Natalia Rose — grow up while touring with the guys (the band) . . . being able to bring this into a children's print book is truly special and a fun milestone in our lives.”

Patterson said in a statement, “As a longtime fan of Guns N' Roses, I'm thrilled to partner with the band in bringing their famed hit song to life on the page. 'Sweet Child O'Mine' is a story that I know kids will love reading and that parents will love singing along to.”