Christmas in July is a real thing.   Stores will base sales calling them Christmas in July sales.   Amazon Prime even compares it Prime day to “Black Friday”.

Then on Saturday afternoon this happened.  I drove my wife to Hobby Lobby and not wanting to give up my ****“MAN CARD’ I stayed in the car.   A few minutes later here come my wife with a smile on her face!  WHY?  Because Hobby Lobby was already selling Christmas items.  It was July 13th and they had put up Christmas!


***** I joke about the MAN CARD thing because frankly the store has very few items that I would ever shop for.  I do have some really cool Batman Signs and a Bat Symbol light that came from Hobby Lobby.

So why am I ragging on Christmas in July?  Because I can.  I want my holidays to be celebrated close to the holidays and we haven’t come close to Halloween, Thanksgiving and of course Christmas.

Then yesterday it was announced that the Lifetime channel will air 28 Christmas movies this upcoming season.   The Hallmark Channel will play Christmas movies and July and during the holiday season the will pump out 40 Christmas movies.

Angela Lansbury saw “We need a little Christmas” and I agree



Today ay on the morning show Panhandling and target

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