Christmas memories part two

Yesterday Christmas memories basically dwelt with memories as a child, but even as adults we get to have great memories.

My 1st year at Ricks College I thought I would not be able to go home for Christmas but a roommate from Florida had a car and said I am driving through Memphis come with me.  So I was home for Christmas but had to go back.  My roommate with the car calls me and say’s “We are in Memphis but we are lost, so I had them describe to me where they were so I could give them directions.  As they described the area where they were, I said get back in the car don’t get out and I will come and get you.  They were in one of areas of Memphis with the highest crime rate.

Most of my adult life I spent most Christmas mornings at work,  I was far from home and hated traveling during the holidays so my trips were usually before or after Christmas and I would volunteer to be on the radio so my co –workers could be home for Christmas.

Another year in Rexburg I could not go home and I was ok with that but I made the mistake of telling my mom I would not have a Christmas tree in my apartment.   She took care of that for me, she had a small one delivered to my place.   I had to work the evening it was delivered and before going home stopped at the store to buy some groceries.  The apartment I lived in was above a garage and the entrance steps were on the back side and not lighted well.  I come around the corner and out of the corner of my eye I see it.   Someone was on the stairs waiting for me.  Being the man I am I thought it was someone who wanted to rob me so I dropped my grocery’s and got into a fighting stance, only to realize it was a Christmas tree in a box!  That box looked like a leg to me.   I had to go back to the store to get some more milk, come to find out dropping a gallon of milk on a sidewalk can cause the carton to break.

One Christmas while working in Louisiana I volunteered but I had the flu and was very sick.  I didn’t tell anyone because I wanted them to be with family if they could.    My bosses mother found out I was ill and by myself on Christmas day.  She was a small wonderful Cajun lady who was an excellent cook and cooked me some traditional Cajun food that I usually loved, but when you have the flu?   About lunch time my boss and his mother showed up with more food than a person could eat, she wished me a Merry Christmas and said make sure you eat this Gumbo it will help you feel better.  I thanked her and wished her a Merry Christmas and a few minutes later sat down for my Christmas meal.  As I opened the Tupperware bowl of Gumbo, it hit me.  IT WAS A SEAFOOD GUMBO, and it smelled like seafood and right there on the top of the Gumbo a whole Crab, the combination of the illness and the seafood smell sent me to a certain room to …….well you know what the flu does to you.

I did get to go home one year while I was in Missouri and it was cold I mean really cold that Christmas.  When I got to Memphis there was snow on the ground and did I mention it was COLD.  After visiting with my family it was time to go to bed and wait for Christmas morning.  The house was full and I had to sleep on the floor in the den.   It was about 2 am I woke up feeling wet.  I WAS A GROWN MAN THIS IS NOT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN ANYMORE!   It hadn’t a water pipe had broken in the laundry room and water was everywhere.  I got it turned off and woke up the family to start the cleanup process.  I was a hero that year because if I had not been on the floor the water would have ruined the Christmas presents!  I didn’t get any kind or reward though, Stupid water leak.

My last memory was from my 1st Christmas as a married man here in Logan.   My wife Teresa and I got up early that morning to share our gifts and open those that had been sent to us by family and friends.  I got to a present from my sisters and started to cry.  It was a picture of my late Mother and Father.  Why the tears?   This picture had hung over my mother’s bed for years and was one of the few pictures we had of my late father.

My sisters had told me they had tried to take the picture out of the frame to get new prints made but the picture itself was stuck to the glass.  They told me later that they were all in the living room just talking  when they heard a crash.  They investigated and the picture had fallen on the floor the glass shattered and the picture separated from the glass with no damage.  Gives me chills just thinking about it.

So I share with you my friends on KOOL 1039 a picture of that picture that means so much to me

I am man enough to tell you that while writing this the tears of Joy came to my eyes again.

This Christmas will be a little difficult I lost my Sister Bettye this month and earlier this year my Father in Law Merlin Kendrick passed away.  Christmas is never the same when we lose loved ones.  However when we take a minute to remember why we have Christmas and believe in his message, we can make this and every Christmas a MERRY CHRISTMAS

I cant’s express enough how much I love being with you every morning.  We talked on the phone I have met several of you around town or if we have never talked or met I want to tell you how much I appreaciate you listening to me.   I don’t call this my job I say I am playing radio.

Thanks for letting me play

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


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