Christmas Memories

“JINGLE BELLS, JINGLE BELLS, JINGLE BELLS, JINGLE BELLS.  This is going to be one of my Christmas memories from now on.

If you don’t know the story, just before Thanksgiving I was in a store where a cute little girl was already in the Christmas Spirt.  She was singing her favorite Christmas songs “Jingle Bells” but she only knew the words Jingle Bells, which she sang over and over and over and over again.  A very patient mother let her sing and I thank that mom for one of my favorite Christmas memories.

Growing up in Memphis our family didn’t have a lot of money but we did have a lot of Christmas, well it seemed a lot to me.  My mother worked as a nurse on the 3pm to 11pm shift and would not arrive home till midnight but the little scamp that was ME with very willing assistance from my sisters would conspire to wake mom up about 4am so we could see what Santa had brought us.  Now Mom sometimes would attempt to Grinch us and tell us to go back to bed and she would come get us when it was time to unwrap the presents.   How often do you think that happened?    You guessed it NONE, I was a handful and I wanted to experience what Sally Brown of Peanuts fame would say “THE JOY OF GETTING”.

Some great memories of gifts when I was a kid.  A Batman sweatshirt (who would have thought that) A Man from U.N.C.L.E brief case with a black and white camera inside for those important spy missions I was always on.  But there was one gift that as a kid my mom thought of as kind of joke was one of the best.  A Barrel full of Monkey’s and a toy Monkey that you could hang a string from one side of the room to the other wind it up and it would go hand over hand across the room I had hours of fun with those simple yet fun Christmas gifts from my mom.

We had some family traditions too.  We always had a big Hairy Coconut on the table.  A beautiful redbird in our tree and on Christmas morning we opened presents youngest to the oldest.  GUESS WHO OPENED FIRST!!!!! There are advantages to being the youngest and the only boy!

As a family we would always go look at Christmas lights and that included a trip to Graceland to see the lights at the home of Elvis.

But my favorite family Christmas tradition was making bets on which present would make my sister Sandra cry.  There was always something someone would give her that touched her so deeply the tears would flow.   Now I wasn’t home for one of my favorite gifts for Sandra but I heard the story and I hope they don’t mind if I share it with you.

Our Cousin Brenda’s boy Christopher was just a youngster when he was out with his mom going to yard sales and he spotted some paperback books from the Little House on the Prairie.  Which my sister loves.  Christopher bought the books with his own money and had the covers framed for his who he called his Aunt Sandra.  I heard about the gift and made sure I called home that Christmas day to talk to my sister about it.  I asked did you cry and the sounds coming from the phone meant the tears were flowing again.   Just thinking about it makes me a little teary eyed too!

I will have some more memories on Friday’s blog including a gift that made me cry like my Sister Sandra.  But one more little story from my early days.

In Memphis a White Christmas usually is just a Bing Crosby song.  And one Christmas morning was very warm.  As usual we woke up mom early and opened presents and she went back to bed and we went outside to play with our new STUFF!  All the kids the neighborhood were out with their stuff too!  Then someone had the bright idea, probably me to go into the home and go on a feeding frenzy of Christmas Cookies and candy.   There were probably 10 to 15 of us that went from house to house and stuffing ourselves with sweets.  That afternoon the neighborhood was very quiet because of 10 to 15 little kids sick to their stomachs.  There were a lot of mad Parents not because we were sick but because we ate all the good stuff and all they had was apples, oranges and banana’s

More Christmas memories on Friday and as I said one that made me cry and I would bet will bring a tear to your eyes too.

Take time to remember some of your favorite Christmas times this holiday season and if you want send them to me on Facebook or email at

As it says on our radio station during this season take time to remember “WHY”

Merry Christmas


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