Clark W. Griswold had a memorable Christmas, but not just the kind we usually associate with Christmas.  But we all remember his trials of the season.

I haven’t had horrible things happen on Christmas, but they have been unusual enough that every year I flash back to them and some even kind of fondly.

I was just a teen when one of my sisters was in the hospital and her husband went to see her but did the wrong thing by leaving packages visible in his car.  Yep someone stole everything.  Not a great memory but a lesson learned.

There was a great memory with it.  My sister was on some heavy duty meds.   In other words she was whapped out and talking to her was really funny.   She even looked out the windows and started talking to the clouds who she thought were actors from “Days of Our Lives.”

I was working at a station in central Louisiana and had volunteered to work all day on Christmas.  One problem – I had the flu.  I was really sick but wanted my co-workers to be with family.

My boss’s mother found out I was working without family near and sick.   That would not do for Mrs. CoCo.   She showed up at the station with her son and in a very strong Cajun accent told me she had a Cajun cure.  Better than Chicken soup.  SEAFOOD GUMBO.  I thanked her and thought I time to chow down on some good Cajun food.

One problem, I had the flu and when I opened the Tupperware looked in the bowl to see a large crab and lots of shrimp still in the shell which seemed strange to me but the smell of seafood gumbo was overwhelming.   I thought I was going to well lose everything I had consumed in my life.   Luckily I controlled the urge to purge but the Seafood gumbo wound up in the garbage.

Another Christmas found another sister in the hospital and I don’t think she was happy that her sisters and baby brother didn’t wake up early to o Christmas presents.  She wanted to listen to us open on the phone.   That was actually pretty cool.  But Judy needed to open her gifts so we packed them up and off the hospital we go.   To see her.   As we neared her room I slipped into a Santa voice wishes everyone there a Merry Christmas.

Being away from home or being alone at Christmas can be depressing. However over the years I found ways to enjoy the season including a tradition that had to stop when I got married.   Every year I would buy me a present from Me to Me.  I would even do my usual horrible wrapping skills and on Christmas day I would wish myself a Merry Christmas.

As I write this I think that a new Christmas tradition will be started.


I hope you can find joy in the Christmas season even if times are tough.  There is still magical things to see and do.   Some as simple as saying Merry Christmas to yourself.


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