I admit it I don’t like shopping, .but hey this time of year finding that perfect gift for someone is kinda KOOL.  I don’t do a lot of our shopping but I do help and I am proud to announce (TRUMPET FAN FARE HERE) we have finished our shopping for Christmas.

My wife and I try to keep our eyes open all year long for most of our gifts  but the results from a new survey  shows the most popular time to shop for Christmas is in November or early December

19% said they do their shopping two or three weeks before Christmas, which is right about now.  We’re just over two weeks away.

Another 19% said they shop throughout the year until mid-November . . . 8% said they do the bulk of their shopping the week before Christmas . . . and 4% did it during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

1% of us wait until the very last minute, and do all our shopping on Christmas Eve.  There is something to be said about wrapping a fresh Slurpee form 7-11 and slipping it under the tree.

R 1% are all about bargains . . . and wait until AFTER Christmas to buy all their presents.  I admit it I have done that then I usually forget where I put them by the time Christmas rolls around

The Survey said the most purchase Christmas gifts last year were clothes . . . food . . . health and beauty products . . . toys and games . . . and books.

I will tell you this a good gift card is always appreciated. I love gift cards to restaurants.    But as I always say the best gift is CASH.  Money is the right color and size.

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