Coming on May 8th are five classic Bee Gees album reissues on both black vinyl and limited-edition colored vinyl. The albums are 1969's Best Of Bee Gees -- on black and berry vinyl; 1975's Main Course -- on black and whitewater vinyl; 1976's Children Of The World -- on black and sunshine yellow vinyl; 1977's double live album Here At Last. . . Bee Gees Live -- two-LP's on black and tangerine vinyl; and 1979's Spirits Having Flown -- on black and blood red vinyl.

All five albums have been remastered from the original analog LP master tapes at Hollywood's Capitol Studios by Kevin Bartley and Ian Sefchick.

Shortly before Maurice Gibb's 2003 death, he and brother Barry Gibb recalled the moment during the 1975 sessions for their Main Course album ushered in the groundbreaking moment that led to renewed superstardom: "(Maurice Gibb): We were completing ‘Nights On Broadway.' We had just done most of the vocal tracks and most of the harmonies and stuff and usually at the end you have some ad-libs, or some kind of thing to take it away from the original melody and have some fun. (Barry Gibb): So (producer) Arif (Mardin) wanted us to go out and sort of sing -- or try to scream like Paul McCartney would sometime scream in falsetto. (Maurice Gibb): So Barry said, ‘I'll have a go.' So we went out there and he did the ‘blamin' it alls' ad lib on ‘Nights On Broadway.'"