Today is National Clean out Your Fridge Day.  And that can be scary and funny at the same time

The next time you open your fridge door look towards the back.  There it is a Tupperware container and you say to yourself “Self” I wonder what that is.    Don’t be brave just throw it out.

That word of advice comes from someone who knows ME!

During my bachelor days you would never know what was in the back of the fridge.   OMINOUS JAWS LIKE MUSIC PLAYS IN THE BACKGROUND.  Then you realize.  You’re going to need a bigger trash can!

I think Halloween spook houses should have a guess what’s in the fridge exhibit.

Spoiled milk.  Meat with hair or is it a science experiment that could destroy the world.

I must admit the strangest thing I have ever found in my fridge was from a thanksgiving dinner.   Mashed Potatoes or at least I thought it was.

That came from an attempt by my best friend Lary and I to host Thanksgiving at my apartment.   It wasn’t a complete disaster but it was let’s just say an adventure.

Don’t ask about how we stuffed the bird.  Well a proctologist would be proud.   I also knew to take out the bag of giblets.   But they were nowhere to be found.   Or were they.   Yep we searched before cooking the bird and couldn’t find them.  But in the spirit of Thanksgiving they showed up as we carved the thing much to the amusement of the young ladies we were trying to impress.

Let’s just say I have had prouder moments.

But honestly the meal was good.  The company was awesome and it became a great Thanksgiving memory.   Except for the mashed potatoes fond months later.

So the moral of my story is “I should have catered!’

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