Coldplay is the subject of an upcoming documentary titled A Head Full of Dreams, which will be shown in theatres for one night only on November 14th, followed by an exclusive run on Amazon Prime beginning November 16th. The film tracks the band's ascent over the last 20 years, culminating with its seventh and most recent studio album, also called A Head Full Of Dreams.

The career-spanning film was made by Mat Whitecross, who delivered the Oasis documentary Supersonic in 2016. The Coldplay movie features footage taken during the quartet's earliest days, including a clip of frontman Chris Martin, still wearing braces on his teeth, promising that the group will one day be "absolutely huge."

The film also chronicles the hardships the band has faced along the way, including critical backlash to their music, personal issues, the financial hit their label took after the band's fourth LP, Viva La Vida, was repeatedly delayed, and tensions within the group.

Martin told us a while back that the members of Coldplay have always been close: "To be honest, I know it sounds very cheesy but they really are my closest friends. And, of course we get slightly annoyed sometimes and of course people always think, 'Oh you know, it's just the singer and then these three other guys.' That's just the way we do it. That's just because I talk more than anyone else and, you know, I don't mind doing all this stuff. But really, behind closed doors it's really amazing to me that we are as close as we are."

Along with the new documentary, Coldplay has unveiled three new live recordings, including a 2016 cover of the Bee Gees‘ "Stayin’ Alive" recorded at the Glastonbury Festival with guest Barry Gibb, plus concert versions of "Us Against the World" and "Don’t Panic." The tracks will be available on Amazon Music starting October 26th.