September 29, 2017



All this week people have been asking me about the Salt Lake Comic con.  Ok , it helped I was wearing my comic con t-shirt almost every day.   As far as this year’s comic con I had mostly a very positive experience.   What does that mean?

Overall, I love going to comic con, I love the people watching , going to panels, shopping the vendor floor and  talking to complete strangers who have a common interest.  But this year had a different “vibe” to it.

I don’t know if I can really tell  you why but it just wasn’t the same, maybe I wasn’t thrilled with the stars that were there.  No , I don’t get all crazy for autographs and pictures. I guess it all started at the Press Conference, in years past the stage was filled with stars, from TV shows , Movies , voice actors and writers.  This years press conference has very little of that.   They brought out few people and introduced them by name, but I had no clue who they were.  I would have been nice if the MC of the event would have said what this person has done that makes them a star.  I had hoped to grab a couple of interviews  to share with you but didn’t feel like going up to someone and saying ‘WHO THE HECK ARE YOU AND WHY SHOULD I CARE’

Now don’t get me wrong, I had a great time.   I went to a couple of panel discussions and enjoyed them, but the amount of panels that were of interest to my wife and I were limited.  Only 1 on Friday so by 2pm I was done.  Then on Saturday morning I woke up not feeling well and decided to skip Saturday at the comic con.

But I did get to see a fight!   As we pulled up to a restaurant there were 2 homeless men fighting each other.  Nothing bad but kind of scary to see.

As a comic book and Super Hero collector I did find a few items to purchase on the vendor floor and talk to some amazing people who are geeks like me.

Yeah, it was fun.  I will go again next year and recommend you go just to experience the con and see why over 120 thousand people go every year.  But this year just had a different “VIBE”

Here is the audio of some of the fun things we did this week including STUPID NEWS