Set for vinyl release on October 11th, is the new two-LP version of David Bowie's VH1 Storytellers collection. The set, which was recorded and filmed on August 23rd, 1999 at The Manhattan Center’s Grand Ballroom in New York City, was released in 2009 as a CD, DVD and digital download — and now, two decades on, the vinyl version will feature the late-icon's full set performed that night.

Highlights on the album include Bowie's first performance of “Can’t Help Thinking About Me” in 33 years, Aladdin Sane‘s “Drive-In Saturday,” which he had not performed since 1974, and “Word On A Wing,” which received its first airing in 23 years. New to the 2019 version of VH1 Storytellers is “Survive,” “I Can't Read,” “Always Crashing In The Same Car,” and “If I'm Dreaming My Life.”

Bill Flanagan, the executive producer of VH1 Storytellers said in a statement: “We were used to dealing with legendary musicians. Still, landing David Bowie was more than a big booking. There's no way to say this without being corny: it was an honor. Bowie has a unique place in rock n' roll. He is not only one of the most influential musicians of the era, but he does nothing unless he is fully committed.”

Around the time of the Storytellers taping, David Bowie admitted to us that, like a lot of performers, he sometimes he had trouble remembering the lyrics to all his songs, but, unlike most of his peers, never felt comfortable using a teleprompter: “It doesn't feel right. I take a music stand out with me, and it's almost like a superstition now, 'cause if I don't have the music stand out there and the book of my lyrics on it, I fear that I won't remember them. But if I've got the book there, I don't often have to refer to it. It's a peculiar thing.”

The tracklisting to David Bowie – VH1 Storytellers is:

Side One:
“Life On Mars?”
“Rebel Rebel (truncated)”
“Thursday's Child”

Side Two:
“Can't Help Thinking About Me”
“China Girl”

Side Three:
“Drive-In Saturday”
“Word On A Wing”

Side Four:
“I Can't Read”
“Always Crashing In The Same Car”
“If I'm Dreaming My Life”