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When Sesame Street first came on the air I was just started my brain dead I mean teen age years.  I was just too KOOL to watch it.  That was until I was assigned to watch two nephews.  So I did what any responsible care giver would do.   I let them watch “Sesame Street”.

But a strange thing happened

I learned my A B C’S… no I learned of the brilliant writing and performances on the show, which taught kids how to count and read and how to accept others who were different than them.  They did this some of the most brilliant comedy ever written.

Lots of the jokes were not aimed to amuse the kids, they were aimed to adults without crudeness.

We learned last week that Cookie Monster is the favorite character.

I would have to agree but not because I have been known to sing along with “C, IS FOR COOKIE”.  But the skits he was used in.

I have watched that video over and over and laugh every time;

Monster piece theater is classic

I can’t say I have ever binged watched Sesame Street but I do know I love it.

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