The Chicago cubs are the World Series champs for the first time since 1908.  Yes, 108 years!

Growing up I was a St louis Cardinal fan, and Card fans and Cubs fans have the friendliest rivalry in sports.   The 2 sit next to each other all the time in Wrigley and Bush.   I would compare it to a rivalry like Utah State and B.Y.U without the fighting and name calling.   A true friendly rivalry.

I attended a Cubs Cardinal game in Bush Stadium with several Cub fans all around us.   There was not any cursing and name calling, just good natured ribbing.   Truly one of the most enjoyable sporting events I have ever been too.

I am happy for Cub fans, the true Cub fans who have stayed with the team during the tough years. All 108 of them.  From Goats, to Bartman’s and black cats you stood by your team which is great.   I will still love my Cards, and you will still love your Cubs.   That is why I love this rivalry.

I will just remind you, in the World Series score book it is Cards 11 Cubs 2.


Here is something I put together for you Cub fans!  No joke, no ribbing just Congratulations to the 2016 World Series Champs   THE CHICAGO CUBS!



John Fogerty’s Center field with Harry Carry and cuts from your win