Culture Club has released the video for its new reggae-tinged single, "Let Somebody Love You." The track will be featured on the group's long in the works new studio set, titled Life, which is set for release on October 26th. Culture Club -- featuring original members Roy Hay, Michael Craig, and Jon Moss -- is currently on the road with the B-52's, and Tom Bailey of the Thompson Twins. The video presents Boy George's take on a Speaker's Corner, turning protesting on its head with the message to "talk about the things that you love rather than the things that you hate."

Co-founding drummer Jon Moss told us that Culture Club has kept its audience over the decades because they belonged to a time when music meant so much to the listener: "When I was young, you had pop bands and they'd disappear and that was it. I think, because we grew up in a generation where music was so important, especially the '80s, it was a heavily fashion-based era. I think the music (was) not fashion-based. I think Culture Club was one of the main proponents of that -- sort of Amy Winehouse in a way -- where it's sort of timeless music. We came from an era where music was so much a part of your life, so, it's not something that's going to go away."