June 2nd 2017

Food, we need it to survive, we celebrate with it, we drown our sorrows with it, and we need food just to live!  I love to eat and it shows on my overweight body.

The people at Ranker.com have an ongoing survey about food and asked if you were on an island and could have only 1 food what would it be?  Here are the top 10… so see if you agree.

  • 1 Pizza, 2 Steak, 3 Ice Cream, 4 Spaghetti,5 Bacon, 6 Fried Chicken 7 French Fries 8  Grilled cheese, 9 Chinese Food 10 Mac and Cheese.  The only “HEALTHY FOOD”  in the top 50 was Apples at # 33
  • It’s been a great week for Stupid news Here is some of the things we talked about this week


Thanks for being KOOL