Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl and ZZ Top guitarist Billy Gibbons will both make guest appearances on the upcoming album from Queens Of The Stone Age. Gibbons told Eonmusic while performing at Hellfest in France, "Just one month ago I was making a record with Queens Of The Stone Age, and Dave Grohl was also taking part and he decided to have a big barbecue."

Gibbons confirmed that the project was a new Queens album, adding that it could be out by Halloween. Some fans have speculated that the album could be a new entry in Homme's long-running Desert Sessions series. The last Queens album, Villains, arrived in 2017.

Grohl has worked several times with Queens Of The Stone and its leader, Josh Homme. He played drums on the band's 2002 album Songs For The Deaf, and also contributed drums to five songs on 2013's ...Like Clockwork.

Grohl, Homme and Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones also recorded an album together and toured in 2009 under the name Them Crooked Vultures.

Homme told us a while back he enjoys working as much as possible: "A workaholic's work is never done. There's so many opportunities to be involved with some really great music, and play a different role in each of the things that I'm in, and I really enjoy that. The alternative would be not to do it, and I wouldn't enjoy that. I'd rather be really tired and have played in as much quality music as I can."

Grohl and Foo Fighters have been mostly on hiatus this year, although Grohl has been reportedly working on some documentary projects and a new Foos album could be in the works for next year.