Foo Fighters main man Dave Grohl and his mother Virginia are developing and executive producing a documentary series based on Virginia's 2017 book, From Cradle To Stage, in which she interviewed moms of other rock musicians. Dave told Variety, "I'm beyond excited to join in on the next step of my mother's project to explore the stories of other musicians who were as fortunate as me, having been raised by such amazing women. Plus…I owe her one."

Virginia Grohl added, "I'm excited to introduce the viewing public to the strong, loving women who have supported the insistent dreams of their musical sons and daughters . . . Viewers will join all the mothers around a table when they meet for the first time at a celebratory dinner where secrets and stories will be shared and compared."

  • For the original book, Virginia spoke with Tom Morello's mother Mary, R.E.M. singer Michael Stipe's mother Marianne, Beastie Boys member Mike Diamond's mom Hester and numerous others.
  • The show, which does not have a network or cable outlet behind it yet, will feature more interviews along with Virginia's personal stories and family photos.
  • Her son has experience producing documentaries, having created and directed the HBO series Sonic Highways, which chronicled the Foos' recording of the 2014 album of the same name.

In other news, Grohl and the Foos pulled a prank on fans Tuesday (June 5th) in Gothenberg, Sweden, at the same venue where Grohl severely broke his leg after falling off the stage three years ago. In the opening moments of the show, a fake "Dave Grohl" came onstage and ran out onto the catwalk -- where he promptly slipped and fell into the area between the crowd and the stage.

  • Instead of freaking the fans out too much, the band kept playing as the real Grohl emerged onstage.
  • The stunt was a nod to the June 2015 concert where Grohl, two songs into the show, fell into the security pit.
  • Grohl recalled for us how the incident went down: "Unfortunately in the heat of the moment, I wasn't really thinking about anything but rockin' Sweden's ass off, and I think we were doing that for the first seven-and-a-half minutes. And then the show came to an abrupt halt as I went over the edge. I'm surprised that this hasn't happened before, to be honest."
  • Although he went to the hospital and came back to finish the gig, Grohl spent months on tour performing from a giant throne, which he later lent to Guns N' Roses after singer Axl Rose broke his foot during the first show of that band's reunion tour.