Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has announced Play, a two-part documentary that ends with him performing a new solo 23-minute song on seven different instruments. Grohl created the project, which arrives on August 10th, to showcase "the rewards and challenges of dedicating ones life to playing and mastering a musical instrument."

Grohl said, "Watching my kids start to play music and learn to sing or play drums, it brings me back to the time when I was their age listening to albums, learning from listening . . . and when I take my kids to the place where they take their lessons, I see these rooms full of children that are really pushing themselves to figure this out."

He added, "Even now, as a 49-year-old man, I’m still trying to figure it out . . . it’s not something that you ever truly master. You’re always chasing the next challenge, and you’re always trying to find a way to improve on what you’ve learned."

Grohl performed the entire 23-minute instrumental on one instrument at a time and then merged the videos of each take to create a seven-piece one-man band. The first part of Play focuses on the behind-the-scenes preparation for the performance, which is unveiled in the second part.

The film is intercut with young musicians from the Join The Band music school in the San Fernando Valley practicing their craft. The film hits streaming services on the 10th, with a limited edition vinyl version to follow on September 28th. Both are available to preorder now.