I am mellow today.  Basically I am sick but sometimes I just want to sit back and listen s to some food relaxing music!  

You know the songs that just take you away, a recent in Great Brittan asked about those songs and here are the top 10


  1. 1.  “What a Wonderful World”, Louis Armstrong
  2.  “Let It Be”, the Beatles
  3.  “Your Song”, Elton John
  4.  “Someone Like You”, Adele
  5.  “Hello”, Adele
  6.  “Fix You”, Coldplay
  7.  “I Say A Little Prayer”, Aretha Franklin
  8.  “Orinoco Flow”, Enya
  9.  “Morning Has Broken”, Cat Stevens
  10.  “It’s a Beautiful Day”, U2

A good list but I want you to see what my favorite mellow songs are.  In no particular order

  1. Fly away – John Denver and Oliva Newton John.  Olivia singing on this song melts me,
  2. Can’t take my eyes off of you- Frankie Vali, the Lettermen do a great version of this song.
  3. Close to you, The Carpenters. I love listening the two Carpenters.
  4. Unforgettable- Nat and Natali Cole.
  5. Crazy – Patsy Cline.
  6. You Send Me- Sam Cook
  7. I can’t stop loving you – Ray Charles
  8. The look of love- Sergio Mendes and Brazil 66
  9. The way I want to touch you—the Captain and Tenniel
  10. I’ve been loving you – a little too long _ Otis Redding.


That would be my playlist what are you favorite mellow songs

Today, How far should you live from your Parents and In-laws?

Stupid news   A KOOL used car and The Rapping Gov

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