So what was your perspective of 2016?  There’s been a LOT of talk about 2016 being the worst year ever.

Tons of beloved celebrities died, social media became an unbearable cesspool, racism got super popular again, and, of course, depending on your political views, you know how all that went.

But according to a new poll from the “Huffington Post” and, most people don’t think 2016 was really THAT bad.

Only 31% say the year went terribly for this country, and only 19% think it went terribly for them personally.

Now . . . that definitely DOESN’T mean 2016 was great.  Only 4% of people think the year was excellent for the country, and only 6% say it was excellent for them personally.  Yikes.

But in spite of all that, somehow we’re STILL optimistic.  34% think 2017 will go better for the country, and 40% think it will go better for us personally.

Happy New Year